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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 30
June 29, 2004

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We had a great time in New York! So much excitement packed into three little days… we saw a few hundred people at the event put on by the 14th Street Y, featuring Larry Harvey, Bill “Reverend Billy” Talen, and Rabbi Arthur Waskow in conversation about spirituality, activism, and community. Afterward, we got to see the Voterdrive bus that’s going to be driving across the US to spell out the word VOTE (voterdrive.org) and catch up with lots of New York participants at the weekly happy hour, and hear about everyone’s great plans for the playa this year. We heart NY…

Back in the office, things have reached a fever pitch. The theme camp registration deadline is Thursday, July 1, so don’t forget to submit your application! We’re also coming at you with a ticket update (Low Income Ticket deadline extended!), a reminder about the Remembrance plaque, an update from our friends at Gone Off Deep (producers of “Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock”), information on this year’s Leave No Trace tour of the city… and more news. Plus, participate: be a ranger, help find a home for some beautiful art, join a dream sharing group, or a camp for Airstream lovers… on and on!

In all, we wish you could see things from where we sit: every email list is aflame, every bulletin board is active, every phone line lit, every meeting room booked (and double-booked) at HQ, and everyone’s eyes turning toward the desert as we count down these 66 days until Burning Man…

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Reminder: Fire Arts Fest July 7-11!!
Ticket Update
Gone Off Deep “Beyond Black Rock” Update
Remembrance Plaque For Burners Lost
Announcing 2004 LNT Tour Of The City

Call For Rangers
Burning Man Information Radio Wants You (Yeah,All Of You) On Air
Solar System Seeks Music, Glass Art, And Stuff
Call To Burning Airstreamers
Join Dream Share Group on the Playa – Planning Meeting
– Reminder: Café Art, Décor And Lighting Craft Party 6/26/04
Hippocampus Needs A Home

FUNKtoberfest in San Francisco July 2


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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Wed thru Sun, July 7-11th
At The Crucible on Thurs and in the lot across the Street Fri and Sat! 1260 7th Street Oakland, CA 94607

More info and nightly schedules for this historic festival at:


Art and performances by: Burning Ideas, Capacitor, Michael Christian, Cuatro Caminos, Paul Da Plumber, Mark Deutsche, Fire Arts Collective, Fire Conclave, Flaming Lotus Girls, Wally Glenn, Bob Hoffman, HypKnowTron by Gaspo, Illegally Hot, Infinite Kaos, Kabari, Scott Kildall, Kook Troupe, Le Fiebre featuring Fyrstorm, Marisa Lenhardt, Light Fantastic, Mutaytor, Phoenix Rising, One People Company Balinese Gamelon Orchestra, RELartivity, Christopher Schardt, Jack Schroll, David Sloves, Nate Smith, Charlie Smith, Kal Spelletich of Seemen, Michael Sturtz, Sun Brothers, Therm, Vau de Vire Society, Buzz Volker, DJ Vordo, Kasia Wojnarski, members of Xeno, and more!

Wed, July 7, 7-10:30 p.m.:
Desert and Fire Arts Preview ARTIST LECTURES and Demos; FREE

Thurs, July 8, 6:30-10:30 p.m. BENEFIT GALA:
The Crucible & Black Rock Arts Foundation Benefit Gala; $125

Fri, July 9, 8-12 p.m. FEATURED NIGHT:
Outdoor Fire Arts Arena & Featured Performances in the large lot across from The Crucible, parking entrance is on 5th street, $20, $15 in costume! (illuminated costumes encouraged)

Sat, July 10, 8-12 p.m. FEATURED NIGHT:
Outdoor Fire Arts Arena & Featured Performances in the large lot across the st, parking entrance is on 5th street, $20, $15 in costume! (illuminated costumes encouraged)

Sat, July 10, 1-3 p.m.: AFTERNOON FREE EVENT
Open House, 3-5 p.m. Fire Arts Arena showing, see Saturday’s schedule, FREE

Save the dates for the not-to-be-missed event of the summer!

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Greetings from the land of Tickets!

Tickets currently cost $225 – until July 31st, or while supplies last. If you don’t have your ticket yet get one today! Ticket sales in August MAY be limited! Don’t wait until the last minute!

We have extended the deadline to apply for Low Income Tickets to July 1, 2004 – or while supplies last. We are still accepting applications for these tickets. Go here for more info: tickets.burningman.com

The deadline to apply for scholarship tickets is also July 1, 2004. For more info send an email to: scholarship

$225 tickets are available for purchase at Walk In Outlets and Online: tickets.burningman.com

If you ordered your tickets online in March or April and have not yet received them, please get in touch with In House Tickets by going here and using the pull down menu: tickets.burningman.com/contact.php

We are happy to announce our WALK IN OUTLETS for 2004. These fantastic folks have offered to donate their time and their stores to help our community have a different way to purchase tickets. Please remember these businesses are owned and run by members of our community, we should treat them with understanding and respect for opening their doors and helping out.

The Melting Pot
888 Virginia St
Reno, NV
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM

Cheap Thrills
1217 21st St
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 :00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday & Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

1552 Haight Street (Upper Haight)
San Francisco, CA
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM, Sunday 11:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Berkeley Hat Company
2510 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30 AM -6:00 PM, Friday and Saturday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM, Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Outlets are selling $225 and $250 tickets. Outlet sales are CASH or MONEY ORDER/ CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY – no other forms of payment are accepted.

All Mail Order tickets are now $250.

To order by mail, CLEARLY print your first and last name, mailing address, contact info (either an email address or phone number), how many tickets you would like to order and mail with payment (MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY!!) to the address below:

Burning Man
PO Box 884688
San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

If you wish to have your tickets sent to you by secure delivery, please clearly indicate so on your order and add an additional $10 to your order.

Please remember the only tickets available for Mail Order are $250 and Low Income.

Questions about an Online order? Go here and use the pull down menu: tickets.burningman.com/contact.php

Questions about Mail Order? Send an email to: partiserv

See y’all on the playa!
The Ticket Team

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Not content to spend their hot summer sitting by the pool, the folks at Gone Off Deep have been hard at work — adding new footage (thanks in part to JRS reader responses!), perfecting the storyline, and editing-editing-editing the final cut of “Beyond Black Rock”. We’re excited to be planning our first office-staff screening at the end of July, but if you’re in Austin, your chance to celebrate the end of their two-year movie adventure is coming up too. And if you’re elsewhere, this is the place to keep up with your first chance to check out the most behind-the-scenes Burning Man film to date!

Check it out: three special screenings, five beautiful downloadable movie posters, new journal updates, and new photo galleries, all at beyondblackrock.com.

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Since 1996, Burning Man has created a plaque to commemorate members of our community who have passed away. We would like to carry on this tradition and honor those who have impacted our Burning experiences and participated in making Burning Man happen. This is a call out to you, our community, to please let us know of any burners lost who you feel should be added to the Remembrance Plaque. Please send their name, exactly as you would like to see it appear, to this address: remembrance (please DO NOT HIT REPLY to this JRS!!)

Look for the completed plaque at the base of the Man from Monday (August 25th) through Friday (August 29th).

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Got LNT? Consider being part of the Leave No Trace Tour of the City. Now in its third year, the Tour features grey water systems, trash management, good neighbors, repurposed structures, and camp showers and kitchens. Model camps are working examples of good camping to those of us looking for ideas on how to camp smarter, not harder, at Burning Man. This year’s Tour will include creative examples of Reduce and Reuse! and some remarkably simple and efficient grey water systems. A number of camps are returning to Burning Man with the the same basic structures used in previous years. As for trash, we’re meeting the challenges with more original solutions every year. Some large-sound camps are finding ways to minimize imported trash by planning ahead.

Each year we enjoy the fruits of a clean, beautiful, well organized City and come up with better ways to manage our trash and play, eat, and sleep in comfortable camps. We can be proud of the fact that Burning Man is the largest Leave No Trace event in the country, maybe the world. We create a temporary City in the desert, then help it disappear. This is due in large part to our community-wide adoption of Leave No Trace and the growing expertise and experience we have gained.

A model camp can showcase any practice or technology. Camps of all sizes and types are encouraged to join and must only be a registered theme camp and subscribe to the principles of Leave No Trace. Model camps are featured on a large informational map in the Earth Guardians Pavilion and are also eligible to win a Camp of the Day award.

The Camp of the Day contest, a separate LNT opportunity open to any registered theme camp, awards 2 tickets to next year’s event and recognition in community media. Those camps that best exemplify Leave No Trace will win. Any camp can enter the contest before or during the event.

Information on LNT at Burning Man can be found at earthguardians.burningman.com/lnt.html And if your theme camp would like to be part of this year’s LNT Tour of the City or be nominated for our Camp of the Day contest, please contact Earth Guardians at lntcamps

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Hey y’all,

We need Rangers! More importantly, we need Black Rock Citizens who are willing and able to serve the community in the capacity of a Black Rock Ranger. If you have been to Burning Man for a few years, and have often found yourself doing more than one of the following things listed below, you might already be a Ranger and not even know it yet:

-Helping people
-Patiently listening to silliness & enjoying it
-Doing first aid
-Bringing balance to discussions & situations
-Mediating disputes
-Resolving conflicts, and talking people down
-Solving problems without losing your sense of humor
-Running safety perimeters for burns & pyro
-Building consensus in the community

Maybe you don’t need no stinkin’ badges, or the shirt, or radio; but we need you. The community needs you, if you’ve got the heart, and the skill, and the will. If your intention is to be a badass, please volunteer for a different department. If your intention is to swagger about and/or be a hall monitor, please do not volunteer for any department. If your intention is to serve the community by working long hours to help address some of the larger safety concerns in a non-confrontational, discreet, and almost anonymous manner, then please sign up for Ranger training.

The Black Rock Rangers (rangers.burningman.com) ride the edge of chaos, and have been making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992. Rangers are the core infrastructure of Black Rock City during the event, and the traditional guardians of our desert community, non-confrontational mediators and providers of information, devoted to public safety and the quality of participant experience. The strength of the Ranger organization is due in part to diversity; they are communicators and adventurers, medics and artists, trackers and travelers, firefighters and concerned citizens. Rangers also serve as a buffer or interface between participants, the Burning Man Project, and Outside agencies. If you would like to volunteer to be a Ranger, please go to burningman.com, or follow the volunteer questionnaire link below. If you have any specific questions about the Black Rock Rangers email: Rangers@burningman.com.

All ranger applicants must attend a training, and then work a mentor shift with experienced Black Rock Rangers before becoming a Ranger.

This is the general volunteer questionnaire for BM: http://www.burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html

Try this url for the trainings: rangers.burningman.com/calendar.shtml

Here is the url for signing up: rangers.burningman.com/rgrsignup/login.php

After signing up, please bury $2 in your backyard. Tell no one. One of our agents will contact you. 😉

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


BMIR (94.5 FM) wants to air your creative Public Service Announcements and Theme Camp Promos during Vault of Heaven. Whether it’s informing your fellow citizens about some piece of critical playa etiquette or announcing late-breaking activities at your camp, please send your MP3 recordings to ericarmen. We will accept recordings during the event, but submitting them in advance guarantees you significant air-time.

BMIR also seeks volunteers to fill shifts anytime between 12-4PM daily, when citizens of Black Rock City drop by the station to record their event announcements. No experience is necessary, but a commitment to showing up and kicking back in the air-conditioned comfort of the station at Center Camp while sipping a cool beverage and meeting all sorts of fabulous, fellow playa personalities is VERY necessary. If you think you’re up to this daunting task, please contact bmir.

Finally, we are scheduling DJ¹s to take people out of the event in style for Exodus (We’re also scheduling limited DJ shifts during other times of the week.) Exodus shifts begin Sunday morning and run until Monday at 4PM.
Contact bmir to get involved and get on air.

Thanks for all your past, present, and future participation, and we look forward to hearing from you before and during Vault of Heaven.

–The BMIR Team

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“1 to 2.7 Billion” will be a scale model of our solar system, extending from Center Camp to the farthest reaches of the playa. It will invite participants to comprehend the vastness of space and appreciate the reality of our isolation.

Each planet will be housed in a separate installation with its own original soundtrack, running 24 hours a day. The planet models themselves are so tiny that many of them would blow away in the wind, and must be contained within a vessel of some sort. We are seeking the assistance of composers, musicians and glass artists in helping to create these installations.

We also have a wish-list of items (discmans, generator, scrap steel, etc.) and transportation needs that will be necessary to make the project happen. We’d love it if you could take a look at the list and see if there’s anything you can contribute or help to find.

To learn more about the project and how you can help, visit 2point7.org or email info.

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


In 2002, four Airstreams and friends parked together at Camp Burnstream. In 2003, ten of us parked in spiffy mandala at Burnstream Court. This year we hope to make the court even larger! If you have an Airstream, or you just think they are cool, check us out: Cocktail parties! House tours! Trailer culture! Join us at the trailer park in the suburbs of Black Rock City.

For more info, please visit batmo.com/burnstream or send the text “subscribe burnstream” to requests.

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The Sandman (Steve Mobia) invites you to be a part of a dream sharing group that will meet every morning during Burning Man at the Center Cafe to explore our night dreams. I’m looking for people who have some dreamwork and/or psychology experience and who would enjoy working with others on dream exploration. Other dream enthusiasts are also welcome. Our first planning meeting will happen Tuesday night at 7:30pm July 6 at the studio of dream artist Chris Wayan. Any questions please email: hindragal33@yahoo.com

Time: 7:30 pm

Place: 242 Prentiss (corner of Cortland & Prentiss)
San Francisco

Bernal Heights neighborhood

Chris’ phone number: (415) 647-6836

Sandman’s number: (415) 467-INSIGHT (467-4448)

24 or 67 MUNI lines go down Cortland

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Hippocampus, the blue-green horse water serpent from Burning Man 2002, needs a new home. He needs an indoor or protected display space which I would prefer to be somewhat public as opposed to your private living room. Or, if you have dry storage I could place him for now, I’d be interested in that as well. I have to move from my current living situation and need to find a new home soon. Please contact me if you have/know a space where he can be safely displayed, or stored. As a full display, he needs about 25 ft diameter, and I could probably get his eyes to light up again, with some electrical help as they were battery-run on the playa. Please contact me at stormy. You can see which sculpture I’m talking about at: divine.daresay.com. Thank you!!! Mardi Storm

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*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


The fine folks who brought you Eggchair and Pyromid proudly present: FUNKtoberfest! a FUNdraiser for the BlackRock BierGarten Burning Man’s newest themecamp

start your holiday weekend right!
Friday, July 2nd. 2004
2007 16th St. (at Utah)
Lower Potrero Hill, S.F.
Dust off your lederhosen and feathered hat, grab your bratwurst and stein!
We’re throwin’ a FUNKtoberfest in July! Come support a brand new theme camp, The BlackRock BierGarten.
…Drink, Dance, and get FUNKY!

– Sean (Shante) Sullivan
– Nocturnal
– PowerLounger (Funk Camp)
– Plus special guests
& FUNKtoberfest surprises…

Enjoy BBQ Bratwurst
in the outdoor patio!

$5 raffle – chance to WIN
Burning Man 2004 Ticket!!


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{Soundtrack to this JRS: Wow. I actually FORGOT to turn on music today. It must be getting on July…!}

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