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JRS of September 22, 2005

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Well, it’s hard to say anything that the Jack Rabbit didn’t say last Thursday. At times like this, words kinda fail your humble writer.

I’ll try: what an amazing, beautiful, and wholly momentous event we shared this year! I’ll spare you too much slobbering, but not before I say this one: you people in Black Rock City flat-out restored my faith in humanity this year, and at a time when it would be easy to feel broken and despairing upon the return to the outside world, I, for one, feel full of hope. If people can make a city like BRC appear in the middle of nowhere, then people can do anything…and there’s much to be done, wouldn’tchasay?

{One example: We heard from our Rangers on the road with this link from the Times-Standard in Northern CA: – Black Rock Rangers are working with World Shelters in Biloxi to build shade.}

My personal highlight really would have to be standing on top of the Temple bus with my father, brother, sister-in-law, and dear friends all around as I watched Reverend Billy bring the mourning crowd literally to its knees with his liturgy for New Orleans. Shortly after, we were all celebrating the same city with a “Second Line” throwdown complete with Dixieland band (that was my dad on the keyboards – a virgin burner no more, and what a moment to be there, too…) I think that the band and the singers and the right Reverend and the newly sainted Joan Baez did it up the way New Orleans would want it done, and damned if my own heavy heart didn’t soar and swell with sadness and love and longing and hope like I’ve never felt. Proper. Best moment, hands down.

Anyway, here we are, left to ease back into the other aspects of the default life…and if you’re anything like we are, you’re looking around and feeling just a little out of sorts, and are eager to see your friends and community again. Your chances are nigh – it’s Decompression time, and we’ve got an announcement about the latest news on the SF Decom, plus info on Arizona’s Decom and more surely on the way. (Los Angeles, save the date for October 15th…)

And if you can’t wait until then to revisit a little bit of BRC, come to San Francisco for the SF World Film Festival, where Purple Productions’ “Dust Devils” will screen on Friday Sept. 30 (with a bonus short film, “Preacher With an Unknown God”, a short doc you’ve really got to see about Reverend Billy, by the indescribably talented Rob Van Alkemade). Then there’s an afterparty at the Beach Chalet, a great chance to pull out your dusty best and boogie down just a little to warm you up for Decompression. Note: “Dust Devils” also screens on the afternoon of Saturday the 1st. See below for details.

So, now we’ve got 344 days until we do it again. My friends at the Gallery Horse Cow in Sacramento like to say, “Burning Man was so much better next year.” Right up my alley, that one. But first, let’s be grateful for the moment in time that we had in 2005. Here’s to the ways that that we all endeavor to take what we shared, what we learned, and all that we gained and use it to craft the rest of the world in whatever way we can.

This issue of the JRS is dedicated from me to the people who know that Burning Man’s not over until the October inspection – the hardworking DPW cleanup crew, who won’t be home until the last shred of BRC is made to disappear. Thank you, people. We’ll be holdin’ off our Decompression until you can join us.

}}}}}} T A B L E of C O N T E N T S {{{{{{{

Lost and Found Information
SF Decom on October 9th
Burning Man on KQED
Burning Man on Film
Burning Man on Websites
Burning Man on Gallery Walls

Be a Part of Burning Man Screen Savers 2005
Playatech Named Official Decom Seating Supplier
Diamond Portal Footage Sought

Arizona Decom, Oct 7-9
LA Decom, Oct 15
Dark Skies At Roach Lake, Nevada, Oct 21-23

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Did you lose or find something on the playa?! Wish you could find your lost treasure or maybe help reunite someone with the treasure you found?

Check out the lost and found page on the website

There is also a lost and found discussion on the E-Playa

You can post a description of your missing item OR scan posts of missing items to see if you can find the owner of the thing you found. There is also a FOUND section where you can post the thing you found. This system WORKS – already many people have been reunited with their missing items – only in a community like ours can stuff find its way home so easily.

We have developed the film from found cameras and will be posting them on the web next week – PLEASE check back next week to see if your film camera was turned in.

If anyone has seen the following items – PLEASE contact lostfound(at)burningman(dot)com – the owners would GREATLY appreciate the return of their missing items.

1. “Sony CyberShot T1 camera on Saturday night after the burn.

The camera has the ONLY pictures of my Grandfathertwo weeks ago. My family and I are devastated by the loss of these pictures. I am desperate.

If you happened to find it, please please please at least mail me the flash card that was in it. I can provide a FedEx account #. The camera is very small, silver, and was not in a case when it was lost. ❗ I can offer a reward too. I can provide more info if necessary. I have already posted to eplaya.

A picture of the camera can be found here: Front Back

2. “During Exodus, while stuck in the traffic out of Black Rock City, I left on the side of the road (within Black Rock city) a blue bag nylon traveling bag containing :

1. A U.S. and Canadian Passport
2. A laptop computer
3. Various books
4. Undeveloped Film
5. Money in foreign currencies.”

If you found this bag or camera PLEASE contact lostfound(at)burningman(dot)com – we will help match you up with the owners.





A dark haired man named Nick lent his bike to a woman immediately prior to the Critical Tits ride in front of the Man. But, the woman could not find Nick at the After Party. Nick, if you’re out there then please send an email to ray



Want to bring your theme camp, playa art, Burning Man photos/videos, perform or volunteer? E-mail: flambelounge@burningman.com.
– If you are a theme camp, tell us: if your camp involves sound, your power draw, and a description of what you want to do. The more art and interactive the better!
– If you are a performer, tell us desired minimum and maximum set times, set up and break times, and a description of your performance and tech needs. (NOTE: No slots for more DJs at this point. Sorry.)
– If you are a visual artist, tell us about your art, dimensions, does it incorporate fire, and if you need power.
– If you are a fire artist or performer, send us a description, picture/schematic and fire safety info.


Burning Man Presents: The SF Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE!
SUNDAY, October 9th,
STARTS AT NOON – SHARP!!! (Hint: Be sure to come early this year! Great art and performances early and only those who come early will get passes to enter Cocomo after 9:30pm!) on INDIANA STREET (bet. Mariposa and 21st in SF)
Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota – Shine or Rain
$10 in Black Rock City attire; $20 street wear
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo
Esprit Park closes and outdoor sound ends 10pm (Please no drumming either!)
Cocomo closes 1:30am
PLEASE take public transit/carpool/bike or park on 3rd St. or SBC Park;
Respect the neighbors; don’t litter or park in driveways.
LEAVE NO TRACE! and leave surrounding blocks QUIETLY end of night.
21+ to drink with I.D.

Welcome back! This is your invitation to decompress with playa artists, theme camps and performers from the Conscious, Subconscious and the Unconscious at our 6th Anniversary Heat The Street F(a)IRE!

Join us AT NOON SHARP! for a full day of MIND-boggling art and art cars; interactive theme camps; a full range of live music, cabaret, circus, puppetry, dance, DJs, and theatrical performances; processions; and other Burning Man 2005 PSYCHE theme art. The festivities will be spread over four blocks, an art park, 3 stages, an indoor club with patio and multimedia wall of new Burning Man imagery! Bring interactive games and food for a BYO picnic in the park. Bring your art, theme camp and Burning Man videos/imagery. Express yourself and dress your playa best! We will be creating “Black Top City” with all manner of PSYCHE pARTicipation, including and especially YOU!

Invitation graphic and details here



Burning Man’s director Larry Harvey dispels some of the myths behind the phenomenon he created twenty years ago on a new interview show on KQED Channel 9 with Josh Kornbluth.

Plus, what does it take to be a Flaming Lotus Girl? Josh finds out as he grabs a welder’s mask and torch and gets into the creative spirit of Burning Man.

Channels and Airdates

KQED Channel 9 (in SF, channel 9)
Mon, Sep 26, 2005 — 7:30 pm
Fri, Sep 30, 2005 — 10:30 pm
Mon, Oct 3, 2005 — 12:01 am

KQED Encore
Tue, Sep 27, 2005 — 3:30 am
Tue, Sep 27, 2005 — 11:30 pm
Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 1:30 am
Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 5:30 am
Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 9:30 am
Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 1:30 pm
Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 5:30 pm
Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 9:30 pm

Sat, Oct 1, 2005 — 2:30 pm
Sun, Oct 2, 2005 — 12:00 pm



2 Great Burning Man films coming to 2 Great Festivals!

We have wonderful news about 2 of our favorite all-time Burning Man documentaries! Purple Productions’ “Dust Devils” will be having its North American festival premiere at the San Francisco World Film Festival (SWIFT) at the end of this month (*bonus! it’s programmed along with an outstanding short on Reverend Billy called “Preacher with an Unknown God”). PLUS! Gone Off Deep’s “Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock” will be having its official bigtime festival World Premiere at the prestigious AFI Fest in Hollywood in early November.

This is extremely good news for all Burners worldwide, as each of these films does a wonderful job of dispelling a lot of the negative myths about Burning Man and educating the public about our special little corner of the universal culture. As many of you know, Burning Man’s ongoing existence and especially our community’s connection through the regionals network greatly depend on a better understanding (and therefore less fear) of what we are about from the general public…films like these can bring the true story to people who have never been to Burning Man and will likely never go, and have already mentally filed it away as “like a Woodstock” or “a big rave in the desert” or “some Pagan hippie thing.”

SF World Film Festival:

“Dust Devils” and “Preacher with an Unknown God” SWIFT screenings:
Friday Sept 30th 10:45PM
Cine Arts Empire Theater
85 West Portal Ave, San Francisco
(screens with Rob Van Alkemade’s short, “Preacher With An Unknown God”)

**Friday Night Post-Screening celebration event
at The Beach Chalet 1000 Great Highway

Doors at midnight with DJ Laird and other special guests. Tix to the event available with screening ticket purchase through Ticketweb.com or at the door. Put on your playa best!

Sat. October 1st 12noon
Cine Arts Empire Theater 85 West Portal Ave
(screens with Richard Roll’s “DownDog” and a 5min. Yoga class)

Tickets and passes to the festival (which is chock full of great films, btw, including a Jeff Buckley documentary I’m preparing for with a full box of kleenex in my pocket) can be be purchased through TicketWeb (http://www.ticketweb.com or 866.468.7619) The festival tells us that the weekend night screenings usually sell out, so get ’em early.

“Beyond Black Rock” screenings at AFI Fest in Los Angeles are TBA, but will be in first week of November… more on those later in the JRS.

We’re hoping to send a strong message to these festival programmers that they have (finally!) done a good thing by bringing in Burning Man films… so let’s fill up these screenings and make sure every press monkey and distributor there sees and hears an overwhelming enthusiastic response!

For those of you unable to catch these films at the festivals, both are available (exclusively) from the marketplace on our fine website, and both come highly recommended.



More Photos from Burning Ma 2005!



In addition, two exhibits of photos taken at Burning Man are coming up:
John Brennan Portraits
John has shot 10 years at Burning Man at the Free Photography Zone
SF Black & White Gallery
619 Post Street
SF CA 94109
Opening reception Oct. 7, 6-10 pm

Box People at Burning Man by Bill Tonnesen and John Romero Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art 7160 Main Street Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 Opening Reception, Thursday, October 13, 2005, 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.
Free with RSVPs to 480-968-7895


{============================================================} ========================PARTICIPATE!======================== {============================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**


Would you like to get your best Psyche photos included in this year’s screen saver project? Go here and get the low-down on how to submit your photos. The Vault of Heaven project included 1200+ fantastic photos from 51 photographers. This year’s effort should be just as great!!

You can also go to the above link and navigate around a little bit to download screen savers from prior years.

Also, check out the Volunteer page for ways you can help produce the screen savers.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Burning Man LLC today announced it has awarded Playatech exclusive rights to furnish SF Decom 2005 with rapidly deployable seating. In making this award, the LLC stated a goal of ensuring comfort and community space for all participants, and cited 10 selection principles including radical inclusion, decommodification, civic responsibility, and gifting.

To fulfill the terms of the award while supporting principles of self-reliance, self-expression, and communal effort, Playatech has committed to invite every Playa Love Seat and Playa Pew within 50 miles of SF to attend the event and congregate around three burn barrels that will heat the street. All furniture interested in participation should contact sunshine@playatech.com ASAP to RSVP and for logistical details. Playatech will provide paints, woodburners and its official fire brand n this will ensure that furniture arriving without playawear gets unpredictably transformed into insanely fine art by an ad hoc team of 10,000 creative burners living in experiential immediacy.

According to Playatechis Sunshine Daydream, iWhile the financial value of this award wonit pay the BRAF royalty on a single love seat, this event will mark an important milestone as we expand our dominance over IKEA from the desert to the streets. Unlike those box store boys, we believe that furniture should be created as art, and when worn out it should become fuel, not landfill fodder.

As additional incentive for the exclusive right to rest body parts at Decom, Playatech has committed to updating its aging web site with our radical innovation sometime afterwards, and has agreed not to hire Reverend Billy as its pitchman at least until the 2006 theme is made public. And we promised to remind you ALL to leave no trace at this event and everywhere!!!!

For more information about Playatech, visit http://www.playatech.com. For more information about SF Decom, go there.

Playatech : The Only Brand the Man Can Stand”



P.Harlan writes: “Dear Jackrabbit,

I am working on a video documentary of the 11:11 Diamond Portal and although I shot some footage, I would welcome anyone else’s footage in exchange for credit on the piece. A videographer named JB shot footage of the burning of the Portal and I forgot to get his contact info, so I hope that he will get in touch with me. I have posted photos of the Portal burning on my website at: http://harlanemil.com/diamondportal/diamondportal5.html

I welcome any comments or photos people have as well as video footage.
Please contact me at h@harlanemil.com
Harlan Emil Gruber”

{============================================================} ==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS===================== {============================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**


Arizona Decompression: October 7-9 The Azburners Decompression, near Flagstaff Arizona.
All Black Rock City customs and courtesies apply.
For more info and directions click on this link, http://azburners.org/azdecom.htm

For more info on Arizona based regional events see www.azburners.org
or contact Gary Taylor arizona(at)burningman(dot)com or Grover Davis phoenix(at)burningman(dot)com





The Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Street Faire is upon us!

Mark your calendars
From 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight
$10. w/ Playa Wear or Playa Dust
$15. without

This is the 3rd annual L.A. Decom, taking place at the same location as the last two fabulous Decoms, in downtown L.A. in the Artists District. Three city blocks of Playa Pavement all to ourselves (and anyone else who might want a taste of what we’re about)!

The main gate will be located in front of Little Pedro’s Blue Bongo Cafe, which is located at:
901 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4007

The event continues down the block from there to Santa Fe Street, then one block to the left to Banning Street as well as one long block to the right under the bridge down to 2nd Street. That’s a lot of street space to participate in the ways we like to. Here’s a map (the star marks the entrance gate): http://tinyurl.com/9dphm

Like Burning Man in the desert, nothing happens unless we all come together and actively participate. So, as in years past, we need you to bring your art, theme camps, costumes, mutant vehicles, fire performance, music, personality and lightness of being in order to create the Playa on the Pavement that we know is all too do-able!

In order to be proactive and participate and to contribute your passions, skills, and talents, please send your requests and any questions or comments to the appropriate email address below. One way or the other, you will be taken care of.

* Performance
Wolfie: perform(at)la-burningman(dot)com

* Art Athena and Dale: art(at)burningman(dot)com

Volunteer Paynie & Commander Dazzel: volunteer(at)burningman(dot)com


* Greeter Paynie & Commander Dazzel: greeters(at)burningman(dot)com

* Theme Camps Athena and Dale: camps(at)burningman(dot)com

Very much looking forward to playing thusly with you all once again. If Burning Man 2005 was any indication of what to expect, there is reason to believe that we’re about to outdo ourselves yet again. It’s a wonderful thing when we blow our own minds, not to mention the minds of the unsuspecting strangers who might wander into our little universe…



Dark Skies is a three-day two night camping trip featuring art, performance, and music held on multiple locations around the event site. This is a leave no trace event. There is no in out, no pets, and no vending of any kind. Kids under 18 will be allowed at Dark Skies with responsible parents, but there are no ‘kids price’ tickets. This is also the Burning Man regional event for southern Nevada, all playa customs and courtesies will therefore apply, including gifting, leave no trace, and radical self-reliance, among several others.

The last Dark Skies in May ’05 had about 400 people on site. The community has decided that we’re capping this one at 600. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Temperatures at the last Dark Skies reached upwards of 115 degrees. Conversely it may be very cold & windy at the October Dark Skies, so plan accordingly. This is camping in harsh desert conditions with no services provided other than potties. You will be receiving a survival guide along with your tickets.

-Tickets for Dark Skies are available here

-Pictures from May ’05 are here

-And the event’s newsgroup is here

Thank you all sincerely for your support of this event.


{Soundtrack to the JRS: “At Last” by Etta James. Sigh…}

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