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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue 1
October 6, 2006

Please stand by for a regular, full-on first edition of Volume 11 (um, wow?!) of the Jack Rabbit Speaks. (Currently, we can’t find our fingers – as it is, we’re typing with our tongues.) But Burning Man Decompression is this weekend in San Francisco, and if you’re looking for the info, full and final, here it is. See you there!!

Burning Man Presents the 7th Annual… SF Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! Sunday, Oct 8th — Starts at Noon SHARP! Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota – Shine or Rain $10 donation in Black Rock City couture/costume, $20 in street wear All ages outdoors (kids under always 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo Indiana St. between Mariposa and 22nd St in S.F. Noon till Midnight All sound stops 10pm on street except Mariposa Stage (until 11pm) and inside Cocomo. Park closes at 10 pm. Street at Midnight.


There are still some volunteer slots available. Contact Firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com. We need Block Hosts and Park Guardians for some night slots. Some other things, as well.

DON’T MISS THIS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER! A rather fantastic chunk of Black Rock City asteroid is coming your way–this Sunday!

This weekend is also Mischievia, the North Texas regional event and the Michigan Decom, so while we are lighting the map here, they will be lighting it simultaneously in those cities!

And the following Saturday, October 14th is the LA DECOMPRESSION HEAT THE STREET FaIRE! http://www.la-burningman.com

Here’s everything you need to know about the SF Decom THIS SUNDAY, October 8th!!! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


Everything starts at Noon SHARP and you won’t want to miss any of it! …Featuring a vast and glorious array of amazing artists, Burning Man 2006 photos and videos, theme camps, performers, and a myriad of other participants, including…

Artist, theme camp and performer listings at: http://bmpublishing.wpengine.com/blackrockcity_yearround/special-events/decompression/decom2006/

FULL PERFORMER SCHEDULES FOLLOW: YES, IT REALLY DOES START AT NOON!!! Pack a picnic for the park and get there!

19th St. CIRCUS & VARIETY STAGE Stage Mgr 12-4pm – Pickle Stage Mgr 4-7pm – TradeMark Stage Mgr 7-11pm – Neonbunny & Skibit Lighting: TK & Juicebox Video artistry: Kosho 12:00 NeonBunny 1:00 Ted Schram, variety show 1:30 Belinda Blair, ukelele & vocal jazz/swing 2:15 Dizzy Hips, hula hoop stuntman 2:30 Marisa Lendhart, soprano 2:40 Breakfast, ukelele songster 3:15 DJ Jason Phillips 3:45 hobogobbelins, evil gobbelin jug band 4:30 DJ Merrick 5:00 Tim Barsky, flute beatbox 5:30 DJ Merrick 6:00 Goddess’Grace, belly dancing 6:15 Zapper, live hardware set 6:45 Celestesoprano, soprano 7:00 Punk Rock Pirate Happy Time 7:15 ECC: Preseting The Wheel Of Mash-Up 8:00 Carnival Tricks & Treats 8:10 CaroLuna, live opera nouveau 8:30 Erika Candycane, dragadelica 8:40 Bunny Music Revival 9:00 GOOFERMAN, klown-Fi 10:00 Amplified sound ends! NO DRUMS, yelling or LOUD NOISE! Respect our neighbors and be very quiet…but DO STAY and enjoy your conversations, the imagery, the art and quiet theme camps! Shhh… 10-11:30 Burning Man 2006 Photos & Videos – no sound

MARIPOSA STAGE Stage Mgr 12-4pm – Bava Stage Mgr 4-7pm – Lauren Stage Mgr 7-11pm – T-Bird & Deathdealer Fire Safety: Tabasco & Fire Conclave Members Lighting: JK Sound Video artistry: Hal Rainbow Puddles 12:00 Ghost of Pumpkin Donkey 12:30 Funky Beulah, groovalicious funk 1:15 DJ August III 2:00 Mother’s Anger, psychedelic middle eastern rock 2:45 DJ August III 3:15 Triple Cobra, rock n’ roll spectacle 4:00 DJ Tamo 4:30 LOOP!STATION, cello/vocal looped duo 5:15 Fey Fusion (lower stage) & DJ Tamo 5:45 Ubzorb, rock, world music & electronica 6:30 DJ Samira 7:15 Blane Lyon with The Real, original hometown conscious funk throwdown! + Controlled Burn at 7:30 (fire stage) + Bad Kitties at 7:50 (fire stage) 8:15 Sexy Bitch & Flame Gypsy (fire stage) 8:30 Los Sue?os Del Fuego (fire stage) 8:45 Bom Tribe (fire stage) 9:15 Bassnectar (lower stage) 10:00 Gamelan X (upper stage) Vatra & Pyronauts (lower stage) – fire 11:00 End of all outdoor sound. Please respect our neighbors and be very quiet! You can exit at Mariposa gate or stay till 12am and enjoy quiet conversations, art and theme camps! Shhh…

11-11:45 Burning Man Videos & Imagery – no sound

21st STREET STAGE Stage Liason/Setup (11am-2pm) – Sleepless w/T-bird Stage Mgr: Bill Barany Lighting: TK & Juicebox Video artistry: Dr. Fx 2:00 Submodern, ambient live electronica 2:45 Mortal Engines 3:15 Liquid State, lyrical alt-acoustic 3:45 DJ Tim Dietz 4:15 The Ritual, jam/soul/electronica 5:00 BreakBeatBuddha 5:45 Samantha, belly dance 6:00 Black Top City Fashion Show, hosted by Hal Robins & Connie Champagne – with DJ Mycho Cocoa 6:45 DJ Lil John 7:30 BLVD, live House and Breaks 8:15 DJ Big Dolla 9:00 DMT, live breaks by mad scientists 9:55 Thank Yous – end sound by 10pm 10:00 End of amplified sound! NO DRUMS or LOUD NOISE! Respect our neighbors and be very quiet…but DO stay and enjoy your conversations, the imagery, the art and quiet theme camps! Shhh… 10-11:00 Burning Man Imagery and Videos – w/o sound

22nd St. PLAYA VIDEO SCREEN Video artistry: CaroLuna 7:00-7:40 TV Free Burning Man Shorts: 1) Building Black Rock City 2) Hope & Fear 3) The Art of Burning Man 4) Camp Life 5) Mutant Vehicles 7:45-8:15 Burn on the Bayou – The Burners Without Borders Video Story 8:15-9:15 TV Free Burning Man – Live 2006 Burn Footage 9:15-10:00 More 2006 Burning Man Shorts 10:00 Amplified sound ends! NO DRUMS, yelling or LOUD NOISE! Respect our neighbors and be very quiet…but DO STAY and enjoy your conversations, the imagery, the art and quiet theme camps! Shhh… 10:00-11:00 2006 Burning Man Photography!

COCOMO PATIO STAGE Setup – Xtian & Eric (DD) Stage Mgr 12-3pm – Xtian Stage Mgr 3-11pm – Patrick Malone Lighting: TK, Juicebox & David Holcolm 12:00 DJ X-10 1:00 Psychedelic Jew’s Harp 1:30 DJ Jonathan 1:45 Jeremy Pearl, jazz/blues/rock guitar & vocals 2:15 DJ Jonathan 2:45 1manBanjo 3:15 Pushing Air, live looped vocals 3:45 DJ G-Dub 4:15 Pine Box Boys, doom-grass horrorbilly 5:00 DJ G-Dub 5:30 No Alternative, alt-punk rock 6:15 DJ Raggamuffin 6:45 Fantuzzi & The Flexibles, worldbeat-afro-salsa-reggae- funk 7:45 DJ Raggamuffin 8:15 Fire Fingers, Flamenco guitar, vocals, dance 9:00 DJ Shanti 9:45 Dan Cantrell, accordion virtuoso

COCOMO INDOOR STAGE Stage Mgr 12-3pm – Jeremy Pearl Stage Mgr 6-10pm – Brad Nye Stage Mgr 10pm-2am – Jaye Hirsch Lighting: Cocomo Video artistry: Celestine Star, Al Lundell & Sun, Jacob McKean 5:00 Burning Man 2006 Photography & Video 6:00 TV Free Burning Man Shorts: 1) Building Black Rock City 2) Hope & Fear 3) The Art of Burning Man 4) Camp Life 5) Mutant Vehicles 7:00 Burn on the Bayou – the Burners Without Borders Story 7:30 Shakti Workshop (ends at 8:15) 8:30 Bhakti Rasa, exotic electronica 9:15 DJ ViaJay 10:00 Freakotronic, dirty-south space booty rap 10:15 DJ Ethan 11:00 Rosin Coven, pagan lounge cabaret 11:45 DJ Motion Potion 12:30 ALBINO!, heavy heavy afrobeat 1:30 DJ Motion Potion – if time permits! + NON-STOP BURNING MAN VIDEOS & IMAGERY!

ON THE STREET & IN THE PARK (Note: Park closes 10pm. Only non-amplified performances in park – loud groups to face away from Minnesota St.) 12:00 & 4pm Dizzy Hips, hula hoop workshop & stunts – park 2:00 Burn! & Hipnautica – park 3:00 Critical Stilts – in the street 4:30 Trio d’en bas, jazz – park 5:30 Burning Band Marching Band – leading your parade from 22nd to the park 9:00 F-Space, Pyro-industrial psychedelic soundscapes

– in fire art area

Roaming: Von Stilt Family – way up high! Dan Cantrell & Travis, accordian and didgeridoo

…and best of all… Y-O-U !

The DECOMmandments: Survival Guide & Vital Dos and Don’ts!

This is going to be our best Decompression ever, but we must do these things or there won’t be one again here next year. Please PARTICIPATE in making this our best Decom ever! Read these DECOMmandments so you know what we all must do to make this a positive experience for everyone. Help save Decom!

* Come at noon to enjoy a full day of art, theme camps, performances, great people and community! * Enter at 19th and Minnesota (all other entrances are performer/artist/theme camp/art car check-in only). * Express yourself in your finest playawear and costumery * Pack a picnic for the park and warm clothing for night. * Respect our neighbors. Enter and leave the Dogpatch–our home for 7 years–very very quietly!!! * Dont park in driveways or drive on Minnesota St. * Tread lightly on our beautiful new park…no stakes, dogs must be on leashes, no fire or amplified sound, no vehicles or bikes of ANY kind in the park. Please use main entrances and do not cut through bushes, where there are new sprinkler heads hiding.

* No renegade sound systems or unauthorized fire art/fire performance. If you haven’t already been confirmed for sound or fire, please leave it at home! (no exceptions)

* No drumming, loud or amplified sound after 10pm – ANYWHERE on Indiana or side streets! All theme camps must stop sound at 10 sharp! If you hear it, stop it! (this excludes Gamelan X on the Mariposa Stage performing 10pm – 11pm. They’re supposed to do that!)

* Do stay from 10-Midnight to quietly talk and enjoy the art, theme camps, and our time together * LEAVE NO TRACE! Pick up any trash and help us recycle * Leave your cars home: Take mass transit or bike. There will be a Taxi Stand at the corner of 18th and Minnesota end of night and bike racks are at the corner of 19th and Minnesota.

* If you drive, carpool, avoid driving on Minnesota St., and park at UCSF Lot on 16th St. and 3rd (enter off 3rd St going South OR 16th, going East. Should be just $5-$6 all day, instead of usual $20!), park near Ballpark or on Illinois St.

* If you are an approved and placed art car or theme camp, please DO NOT DRIVE OVER ELECTRIC CABLES OR DISTRO BOXES. Please be extra careful end of night and help your neighbor exit safely!

* Note that break-down is 10pm for the park. All art and any theme camps placed there must be out by Midnight. It is 12am for everyone else.

*The Street FaIRE! Ends at Midnight. * EVERYTHING and all vehicles must be off Indiana and off 19th and 20th between Minnesota and Indiana no later than 2AM so street sweeper can come through! By 2am all sidewalks must be swept into the street and all large trash items packed out!

*** Please come back Monday, October 9th 11am-4pm for our annual neighborhood and park clean-up! We want to leave things in even BETTER shape than we found them. So, we’ll start on Minnesota and 19th, move to the park, Indiana, then surrounding streets. We have a small and hearty crew, but many hands make light work. Bring gloves, brooms, shovels and plastic bags if you got ’em. We’ll bring donuts and love you even more! HOORAY!!! …And if ya can help with a community bulb planting and park service in November, e-mail Firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com now!

See you at Decom!!!…and THANK YOU for bringing the best of Burning Man to SF and for your part in creating “Black Top City”!

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