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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue 7
January 27, 2007
ANNOUNCEMENT: BRAF Executive Director Job Search

The Black Rock Arts Foundation http://www.blackrockarts.org is accepting applications for its Executive Director position. If you are interested and qualified please send your resume, cover letter and salary expectation to EDsearch (at) blackrockarts (dot) org

Black Rock Arts Foundation
Executive Director
Job Description

Dynamic, self-starting, highly motivated, experienced Executive Director responsible for guiding an emerging and ambitious non profit organization to achieve its short-term and long-term goals. The mission of the Black Rock Arts Foundation is to inspire art, community and civic participation. We do this through grants to artists, supporting local art installations that inspire interactive participation and incorporating a spirit of civic participation in everything we do.

The Executive Director (ED) has primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of this growing nonprofit organization and will work closely with the Board of Directors (Board), Advisory Board, staff, donors and potential donors, other non-profits, foundations, government officials and other organizations as necessary. The ED will develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan, with components including fundraising, financial management, program execution, communication, staff and volunteer management, and community outreach and interaction.

The ED will have the exciting opportunity to harness the energy of the Burning Man community and beyond to support and create interactive art around the globe.


Strategic Planning – Work with the Board to:
* Set and periodically review the Foundation’s strategic goals.
* Ensure that the strategic goals are met.

* Share responsibility with the Board for ensuring that the Foundation has the resources it needs to meet the organization’s strategic objectives.
* Work with the Development and Fundraising Committees to ensure that plans are in place for the generation of resources to meet the approved annual Foundation budget.
* Develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy, including individual and institutional donor development, member acquisition and retention, and grant writing.
* Work with appropriate committees to organize effective and engaging fundraising events.
* Have a hands-on relationship with fundraising events, art installations and other BRAF activities.

Budgets and Financial Reporting:
* Draft an annual budget.
* Report financials on a monthly basis.
* Ensure that all required government reporting, tax preparation, and paperwork is completed on schedule and current.

* Work with the Program Committee to develop new programs.
* Manage and direct all programs of the Foundation.

* Maintain regular communication with the Board, Advisory Board, and Members.
* Develop and maintain the member and announcement databases and produce regular, periodic communications.
* Develop and maintain the Foundation’s web site.
* Develop and produce printed communication and fundraising materials.
* Plan and execute effective press and public relations communications.
* Initiate and maintain communication with relevant government agencies and representatives.

Staff and Volunteer Management:
* Hire, manage and evaluate all full-time and part-time staff.
* Develop and manage an effective volunteer program.

Interface with the Burning Man Community:
* Work with the Burning Man organization in order to maximize the Foundations’ presence at Burning Man events throughout the year.
* Work with the Burning Man community, including the regional network, to engage participants in programming, project development, and fundraising.

* $50,000-$70,000 subject to bi-annual review.

* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Advanced degree in non- profit management or fine art preferred.
* 4-6 years of non-profit management experience.
* Experience with local, national and international art community preferred.
* Familiarity with the Burning Man Community and an understanding of its culture.
* Passion for art, community-building, civic responsibility.
* Desired skills include project management, financial management, fundraising, and communications.

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