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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue 8
March 2, 2007

Well hello!

OK, it’s 183 days now…which means we’re just about at the Burnal Equinox…and you can definitely tell around BHMQ that things are picking up speed. The world of Burning Man 2007 is gearing up fast — or should we say this year they never slowed down? Because it really didn’t – hence the lapse since your last JRS. We’ve been busy, and so have you guys, and now we’re halfway there.

A lot has happened since we left the playa. Burners Without Borders (updated website) http://www.burnerswithoutborders.org) is truly taking flight, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation http://www.blackrockarts.org are humming along nicely in their evolution too. The Green Man theme http://burningman.com/art_of_burningman/bm07_theme.html is bringing in all kinds of excitement and energy (230 art applications up from 170 last year) so really, it’s easy to be hopeful and excited about this one.

…and THEN, last weekend in San Francisco the Burning Man staff hosted the first ever Regional Network Summit, and it was a huge success – safe to say it was very inspiring and enlightening for us here at BMHQ. Attended by over half of the regional contacts in the network (from as far away as Japan, China, and the UK, even) it was a truly connective summit full of information sharing and collaboration, and those enthusiastic and amazing folks that participated returned home with momentum toward great new projects and ideas in their local communities. We hear from all corners of the world about the latest stuff these folks have on deck, and it just gives us goose bumps. Awesome! Wanna see pics? Pixie was on hand to cover it all: http://www.pixievisionproductions.com/gallery/bmhq. And check out your nearest regional at http://regionals.burningman.com. Maybe your city’s regional contact was here, too.

AND now, this weekend is it – the big Burnal Equinox Flambe Lounge event in San Francisco…check below for more information (or here: http://bmpublishing.wpengine.com/blackrockcity_yearround/special-events/index/). But that’s not all! This week we bring you *very very* important information – the questionnaires have opened and Placement and DMV questionnaires are online and ready to receive your info about your project or camp for 2007’s Green Man! Time is short, so why not get on the ball? PLUS: tons of opportunities to get involved in projects of your own and off we go for the season: announcements about upcoming regional events (Hello! Singularity in Vegas and Nowhere in Spain!), a couple’o camp fundy events that’ll be off the proverbial hook, and a big update about BRAF projects moving around the world.

Pull up a chair (it’s Friday) and read up below as we start the downhill portion of our journey toward August. It’s going to be a great year and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do to be a part of it. Seriously.

(Oh, last thing and I’ll get on with it: Save This Date: March 31st, 1 PM – 5 PM Burners Without Borders meet and greet at BMHQ – stay tuned to http://www.burnerswithoutborders.com or http://www.burningman.com for more info.)

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GET A MOVE ON (shipping for Burning Man 2007)


DARK SKIES – THE SINGULARITY EVENT: TIckets have gone on sale
NOWHERE – 5th-8th July 2007, Northern Spain (and ART GRANT INFO)



{============================================================} ===================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS====================== {============================================================}



From Larry Harvey:

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just completed an essay called The Early Years. It may be found on our website in the red side bar of The Art of Burning section under Essays, Lectures & Interviews. To go directly to it, click on the following url: http://www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/early_years.html

This essay discusses the nature of interactive performance art and how this relates to the early history of the Burning Man Project. It is a story that reaches back to 1992 in the Black Rock Desert. It also provides a snapshot of our almost-forgotten urban performances, beginning in 1993. The Early Years is a mini-memoir of my personal experiences, and it includes a first hand account of the famous Helco theme performances of 1996, enacted both in San Francisco and at the Burning Man event. Read this to discover more about the nefarious Helco corporation, the nature of Hell and the prospect of Heaven, and the rumored role of Satan in our hectic history. The essay concludes with a behind-the-scenes account of our art theme in 2002, The Floating World. I hope you all enjoy this illustrated tale of who and what we were in what is sometimes called the good old days.





Burning Man presents…

*Burnal Equinox*
*A Special Flambe Lounge & Black Rock Arts Foundation Benefit *
*We’re HALF way there – on a FULL moon!*
*Don’t miss celebrating the mid-point in our Burning Year…*

Saturday March 3rd 7pm – 4am
Mighty – 119 Utah St (at 15th), SF
$15 donation in playa attire, $25 in streetwear; 21 yrs+
Give generously and become a BRAF member tonight!

Doors open 7pm. Arrive early for happy hour drink specials, art reception, Burning Man schwagabelia (get it while it lasts!), prize drawings and superfantastic treats–for early birds only! Also get the inside scoop on the SoMa Park STAN Project! And stay late because the fun goes till 4am STRONG!

Featuring: outlandish art and art cars, amazing live performers, DJs and DJ collectives–including Flaming Lotus Girls, the Magic Bus, Cuatro Caminos, Dr. Abacus, Kid Beyond, DJ Sparkinzi, Laird, Majitope, Mark Growden, Smoove, Loyd Family Players, The Zoopy Show, Samira, Pink Mammoth, Deep End, Billion Bunnies, Safer Sex Camp, Camp Montage, Shiner, the Blood Vessel, Dan Das Mann and Karen Kusolito, Jack Haye with Noah Elias, Green Man imagery, a chill zone, and more, more, more!

At this mid-point between burns, we stand equidistant from our City’s past and its future. A magical playa vibe takes control and for one night in the long winter — Welcome Home! This Flambe, we dance to celebrate the evolution of our culture. Through BRAF, Burners Without Borders, Greening the Burn, the Regional Network, and year-round gatherings like this we make better realities from art and dreams!

We invite you to participate in making the evening even more amazing! We’ll be showcasing YOUR media brought to you by our stellar AV team: Celestine Star, Ron Halbert, Hal Rainbowpuddles, Jason Stephens, Carol Luna, Frank Schwartz, David Collin, Paul Carey, Louie Luxvibes and Peter Booth Lee! We still have room for art vehicles with chill spaces and some digital art! Contact flambelounge (at) burningman (dot) com

For latest info and future events: http://bmpublishing.wpengine.com/blackrockcity_yearround/special-events/index/



Remember when buying tickets to go to a direct source if possible, through the Burning Man site or a walk-in outlet (outlets are available April 1st). Ticket reselling sites *always* sell tickets for more than they paid for them and are almost always above the current price level. It is hard to tell if these tickets are even valid because the owners will not give out ticket numbers or original buyer’s names. So, be warned! If you would like help confirming a ticket’s validity and price, email partiserv (at) burningman (dot) com with the original buyer’s full name and both sets of ticket codes off the back of the ticket.



**** Black Rock Arts Foundation 2007 Grant Cycle IS OPEN! ****
We’re pleased to announce that the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s Annual Grant Cycle opened on February 14th. Proposals will be accepted through March 31st at 5:00 p.m.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation funds interactive, community-based art projects across the country and around the world. Our hope is to support artists in collaborating with people in their own communities to create art projects that change the way people experience one another and the public spaces they share. PLEASE NOTE: The Black Rock Arts Foundation operates only in communities outside of BRC and does NOT fund art for the playa. Previously granted projects can be viewed at: http://www.blackrockarts.org/grants

The Black Rock Arts Foundation has provided grants ranging from $500 to $7,000. For more information about submission guidelines and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit: http://www.blackrockarts.org/grants/2007-grant-cycle-application or, call Hale at 415.626.1248.

*** Detroit Dream Temple Project ***
In May of 2007 a temple will be built in Detroit, Michigan – and that can be said with certainty! The Detroit Dream Team and temple-builder David Best are partnering with local non-profit Motor City Blight Busters (http://blightbusters.org/) to realize this long-awaited project.

The Detroit Temple is, at present, a temporary installation that will be constructed out of discarded auto parts and installed in a Detroit neighborhood in need of some love.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is honored to be involved with and to provide support for this project, as we feel it reflects the core of our mission. The Foundation will work to apply much of what it has learned installing temporary exhibitions in San Francisco to the Detroit Dream Project and hopes to extend the collaborative lessons learned to more communities. The Foundation has agreed to provide up to $15,000 in matching funds for this project – please lend your support by making a donation today: http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/detepr.html

Check back with the Black Rock Arts Foundation homepage for regular updates on this incredible project: http://www.blackrockarts.org

*** Quadrapass, USA ***
In 2006 the Black Rock Arts Foundation granted ‘Africa Burns’ – a 3-day art and music festival scheduled for July 20-22, 2007 just north of Cape Town, South Africa. Granted funds will help support the creation of ‘Quadrapass’ – a central sculpted fire vessel to be constructed over a series of public workshops held in South Africa, and led by artists Charlie Smith and Jamie Ladet. http://www.blackrockarts.org/grants/2006-grant-recipients/quadrapass/

To help garner funds and support for this incredible international art project Charlie and Jamie are building a U.S.A. version of the project and are seeking both workshop participants, and funders. Please visit their website, http://www.howhowhow.com for more information on how you can help realize this amazing project.

*** Black Rock Arts Thanks You! ***
Since tickets for Burning Man 2007 have gone on sale thousands of participants just like you donated online when they purchased their tickets – and we want to say THANK YOU, in fact hear us shout it!



Do you have or are you planning to make a geodesic dome for Burning Man? How would you like to have a deck on top? Someplace you can sit and look out over the city? Well, here’s a web site that includes photo, instructions, tips and a list of tools and materials for building a deck on your dome: http://www.timefold.com/domedeck It’s a good weekend project — not too expensive, and uses the same tools and techniques that building a dome requires. This dome deck project was designed by Howard Cohen of camp Nose Fish, creator of the “Desert Nose” (the two-story geodesic structure in the shape of Buckminster Fuller’s nose.)



“Confessions of a Burning Man” follows four virgin Burners as their personal journeys become windows into the heart of Black Rock City. Set to a score produced and written by Graham Shrimpton (aka Darkhorse of San Francisco’s Three Sixty Records), the documentary offers a visual rememberance of the annual festival

Featuring over one hour of bonus footage, the DVD includes director’s audio commentary with Paul Barnett and Unsu Lee. Recalling the annual event with a replicated Burning Man ticket and map of Black Rock City, the DVD also includes contributions from Kevin Epps (Straight Outta Hunter’s Point), Anna Getty (Yogi Times), and David Silverman (The Simpsons, Monsters Inc).

“Confessions of a Burning Man” is currently available at:

More on “Confessions of a Burning Man”:
Learn about “Confessions” as the first film to account for the environmental impact of its DVD release through Terrapass’s programs for environmental responsibility by visiting http://www.terrapass.com
View the trailer at http://www.burningmanconfessions.com
Enter to win a copy of the DVD at http://www.greencine.com
Buy the DVD at http://marketplace.burningman.com


GET A MOVE ON (shipping for Burning Man 2007)

We do have a resources issue that comes out in June, but this shipping resource might give you (and your friends, your camp, your project, your regional group?) a chance to reduce your climate change impact and save a little green, so we thought an early heads up was in order.

Large/delicate art installation? Need help getting your camp to BM without renting a gas-guzzling SUV or towing a trailer? Give me a call at OneSource: we ship anything from one small box to entire 53-foot truckloads, and we do it cheaper than Fedex. We specialize in shipping items to events like tradeshows and conferences, but we love the Playa and would be happy to help out fellow burners with a great deal. It’s a practical and economic option for Burners, and we can get you flatbeds and soft side trucks, in case you have to send something really unusually sized or shaped. We have the highest level of customer service (I’m personally on call for clients 24/7! Yep!), and I personally manage the loading and unloading of shipments to assure that everything arrives unscathed and on time. I’m creating volume discounts for Burners, so shoot me an email at jessk (at) myosl (dot) com or call 303.327.1528 for details and to book your freight’s transportation to Burning Man in 2007.




Burning Man’s image archives from 2006…



**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ========================PARTICIPATE!========================== {============================================================}



In celebration of this year’s theme, the Green Man, Burning Man is hosting a Green House to help burners Green their Burn! The event will include a recycled eco-fashion show, music, and speakers and displays on alternative energy, grey water treatment, biodiesel, Leave No Trace practices and principles, and green vehicles/RVs.

How do you green your burn? We’d love your participation in this event! Calling all burners with green RV’s, all recycled and trashion designers and all eco-performers! Are you an expert in playa alternative energy or greener playa cooking? Can you help with logistical and staging activities at the event? Participate for a greener burn! Email Karina@burningman.com! to volunteer

The event will be April 14th at the Burning Man Headquarters office: a day of climate change events throughout the country!



Burning Man Open House & Volunteer Recruitment Day
Saturday April 14th, noon to 3 pm at BURNING MAN HEADQUARTERS
1900 Third Street at 16th
San Francisco, CA

Mark your calendars now! This year’s OPEN HOUSE & Volunteer Recruitment Day is just around the corner, and YOU are invited. Come and see where it all happens!

As you may know, Burning Man is a volunteer-driven event, with over 3,000 people pitching in to make it happen. This is your opportunity to meet the behind-the-scenes superstars and find a way to become one yourself.

Meet the Project Managers and Volunteer Coordinators who bring it all together. Ask questions and sign up to learn more or to jump right in. Meet over 20 departments that need your help!

– Help build BRC with the DPW, & join Playa Restoration to erase any trace of the city
– “Ride the edge of chaos” with the Black Rock Rangers
– Welcome folks to BRC at the Greeter station
– Support artists through the Artery
– Join the Geek Squad and help with tech support
– Illuminate Black Rock City by Lamplighting
– Become an oracle of knowledge at Playa Info

Green Pot Luck & BBQ – In conjunction with our concurrent Green House event, please participate in the pot luck PLAYA-STYLE: Bring Your Own Cup, Plates & Re-useable Utensils! Choose Organic Foods for Sharing!

Leave you car at home: location served by the NEW SF Muni T-THIRD streetcar service. Mariposa Street stop. (Service scheduled to open April 7th. See http://www.sfmta.com)

Don’t be a spectator! – become a participant! It’s a great way to meet people, and become more connected to the Burning Man community.



Whether you are starting a new theme camp, or returning with a long-established camp, you’ll need to know the following for 2007:
* Our questionnaires for reserved camping space went live on Thursday, February 15.
* Our NEW DEADLINE for questionnaires and associated plans is May 31st.
* The “theme camp questionnaire” has been renamed the “placement questionnaire” to better reflect the breadth of the placement team’s responsibilities.
* The link to our placement questionnaire starts here: http://forms.burningman.com/
* In 2006, nearly 40% of Black Rock City camping space was occupied by interactive theme camps. Participatory theme camps are prime examples of Burning Man’s “gift economy”!
* For more information and the prepare for filing a questionnaire, please consult our theme camp information pages on the website at http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/ and http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/resource_guide.html You do not need to reserve space to host a theme camp, and we always have more requests than reserved space available.
* If you have a questionnaire web account from years past, be sure to review and update your account’s contact information, especially information for the additional email and phone contacts for your camp.

* Questions? Please write placement (at) burningman (dot) com

*** and by “cookie,” I mean “a place at Burning Man in 2007.”



Hello to all you Mutant Vehicle creators out there.

This is just a reminder to you all that if you wish to bring a Mutant Vehicle to share with the masses at Burning Man this year, you must preregister with the Department of Mutant Vehicles. The sooner you get yours in the quicker we can get back to you. Beat the rush and the subsequent back log, apply now.

Disabled Persons Vehicle Permit Application is also open – if you are in need of special driving privileges, you must also pre-apply.

Make sure to check the website for information on vehicles and driving at Black Rock City! Our pages have been UPDATED with new info, so we recommend you read it all even if you have before.

http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/playa_vehicles/index.html Then follow the links to the application.

DEADLINE FOR MUTANT VEHICLE APPLICATION IS JUNE 30TH!!! Apply now! Late applications will not be accepted, and you will be out of luck to drive your Mutant Vehicle at Burning Man ’07.

We can’t wait to see you and your fabulous creations on the playa!



Burners Without Borders (http://www.burnerswithoutborders.org) is putting the final touches on their project to bring lasting fire art to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and your help is needed to finish the job and bring a little Burning Man back to San Francisco’s beaches where it all began.

A brief recap: Last year, the National Park Service almost banned fires on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, due to consistent problems with trash and debris. The Burning Man community joined others in opposing the ban. After community activists from a variety of groups put out a call to action through the internet including the JRS, more than 3,000 letters opposing the ban poured in to the Park Service, who agreed to give it one more chance–only this time, with designated fire pits.

What? A chance to protect beach fires AND build permanent, public fire art for San Francisco? As you can imagine, we had to be part of *that* solution, and that’s how Burners Without Borders are now collaborating with the National Park Service, the Surfrider Foundation, and the Ocean Beach Foundation to design and build fire pits for Ocean Beach–to be installed this Earth Day, April 14.

After the call for design submissions, over thirty-five beautiful proposals were submitted, and four designs have been selected; a total of 12 (most likely three of each) will be installed on April 14th, and lit that night.

But just making the designs is only the beginning – we need help! Namely, we need to raise money to pay for this art. All told, we estimate we’ll need $42,000, which includes enough for replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Although the Park Service could only offer $3,000 for the project, as of February 28th we’ve already been able to raise a whopping $28,550.

What you can do: click here http://www.burnerswithoutborders.org/current-projects-1/fire-pits-on-ocean-beach/ to check out the designs, and then make whatever contribution you can spare.

You can contribute directly to BWB via PayPal, or if you’d like a tax deduction make it out to ‘Black Rock Arts Foundation’ and send it to:
Burners Without Borders
c/o Black Rock Arts Foundation
1900 3rd Street
SF, CA 94158.

And if you’ll be in the Bay Area on April 14th, please plan to come down to our install/ignition event that afternoon/evening, when we light em up for the first time!

Questions? email Carmen Mauk carmen (at) burningman (dot) com

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} =====================REGIONALS CORNER========================= {============================================================}


DARK SKIES – THE SINGULARITY EVENT: TIckets have gone on sale
Greetings from The Singularity Core

We are very excited to announce that tickets to Dark Skies – The Singularity Event, have now gone on sale, and our web site is live and ready for action. Which means theme camps and artists can now register online.


D.S./Singularity is YOUR South West regional burn! And, it represents a major step forward in the regional network as a whole.

Dark Skies – The Singularity Event will be held May 17-20, 2007 on Roach Lake. As always, this is a leave no trace event, there are no in-out privileges and there is no vending of any kind, except for ice sales. There are no pets allowed, and kids under 18 must be with parents or responsible adults. This is our 5th event on the beautiful Roach Lake playa south of Las Vegas and the second joint regional event held on the site.

We’re glad you asked!
For starters, we are allowing kids 12 and under in for free this time! (With parents of course) We hope this encourages more families to attend this event and it is something that many of you have asked for, so there you go. Come on out and play with us mom & dad!

Ticket Dates:
Jan 17 – April 1: $50
April 2^nd – May 16: $75
At the gate: $100
Though the event permit ends on Sunday, we encourage you to camp with us on Sunday night. Stay and help clean up on your public land and, the decompression starts promptly at sundown. (It’s Vegas baby, we move fast around here!)

The heart of any event of this type is our wonderful volunteers. We still need gate captains, earth guardians, rangers, and perimeter and security staff. We are also looking for someone with a box blade grader to help improve the roads into the site. We need volunteers of all types and skills! Merely purchasing a ticket to this event does not constitute participation. Participation means getting involved. The way to get involved is to volunteer and help the event run smoothly. PLEASE GET INVOLVED, WE NEED YOU ALL. This is YOUR event, this is not a spectator event and it only works if we all help.

When we say “This is your Regional Event” that is not some catch phrase, we really mean it. We could not be doing this without your help.

Thank you all! Please visit the Dark Skies – The Singularity Event website here http://darkskies.vegasartists.com where you can find art and theme camp registration, tickets, volunteer opportunities, and other vital information. Many thanks and major props go out to School Girl Randy Winsett for his hard work in making this site rock! See you guys in May and thank you all so, so much! BOOM The DS/Sing Core.


NOWHERE – 5th-8th July 2007, Northern Spain.

Nowhere, Europe’s regional burn, is gearing up for its fourth year. We’ve been busy finding a new site with less wind and no thistles – in case we weren’t aware enough of how windy the old site was, we’ve been evicted so they can build a wind farm!


We’re also expecting the numbers to double again this year, and we’re looking forward to a bumper art year after deciding to increase the proportion of ticket sales going towards art grants. We’ll keep you posted about those soon.

Anyway, the news for now is that tickets went on sale on 31st January. As last year there are three levels of tickets:

O50 – low income – on sale 31st January to 28th February and for kids 5-12 on sale 31st January to 30th May by emailing tickets (at) goingnowhere (dot) org

O70 – adult tickets – on sale 31st January to 30th May online on the website at http://en.goingnowhere.org/tickets

O90 – full-price tickets – on sale 31st January up to 4th July (the day before the event), available online.

Being a relatively new event, Nowhere needs your support at the highest ticket level you can afford. Please help us by buying the O90 tickets if you can.

Those of you with kids will have noticed that this year for the first time there is a ticket price for children. We’ve committed to start accommodating kids, but we need parents’ help in founding safe spaces for them. There’ll be more on this in a newsletter soon. For tickets:
– you can bring kids under 5 free but please let us know
– kids 5-12 are welcome with O50 tickets
– kids 13-17 are considered adults for ticketing but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

If you’re wondering why tickets have gone up, it’s because Nowhere is now big enough that we’re having to form a company to deal with the authorities in Spain, and this isn’t cheap!


Art is vitally important to Nowhere, and we want to encourage participant creativity as much as possible. While Nowhere itself is a commerce-free experience, we recognise that the art costs money to produce and bring to the event. 2007 is the second year that we’ve been able to dedicate money to a grant scheme to facilitate projects at Nowhere that will involve and inspire the community.

This year we’ve fed the experience of last year into improving the process. We’re granting at least five times as much money, and we’re starting off several months earlier so you have plenty of time to build once the decisions have been made.

What is art? We’re not just talking about sculptures – at Nowhere art can take any form, unrestricted by fixed definitions. In 2006 we funded large, visible works as well as interactive and performance pieces, and we are open-minded about the kinds of proposals we might assist this year.

The key dates for the 2007 grants process are:
* Up to 12pm on 18th March 2007: applications accepted
* 1st April 2007: grant decisions will be announced
* April-June 2007: advance payments (see below)
* July 2007: release of all remaining grant funds (subject to LNT)

All the applications will be read through anonymously (i.e. with the applicants’ names removed) by a team of Nowhere participants, who will then decide which to fund based on various criteria, including whether the project will engage a wide range of the community on an interactive or visual level, how well it will fit with the Nowhere ethos and the landscape, and how realistic the construction and leave no trace plans are.

Please remember that we can fund only a portion of those who apply, and each individual grant will cover a proportion of the costs you list in your plan. We do not expect to be able to cover 100% of any project’s costs. We also do not fund artists’ time, labour time, or transportation costs, but will consider funding raw materials and material transportation costs (outside of artists’ existing travel expenses). To encourage projects to complete their plans, including leaving no trace, at least 25% of each grant will be held back until after Nowhere. We encourage freedom of expression in how you present your creativity, but each application must be submitted electronically and contain the following information:

1. Your full (real) name, street address, phone number and email address. This information is used only for contacting you and will be removed from the individual applications by the Arts Secretary so that the judging team do not see them before the end of the selection process. Please make it easy for the secretary to remove these details by only including them in the covering email.

2. A detailed description of the project. What will you be adding to Nowhere, and how will your creativity engage and excite other participants?

3. A detailed plan and timeline of how you will transform your ideas from plans to reality, including the practicalities of building any physical parts. How many people are involved in your project? Remember not to include anyone’s name in the proposal.

4. A full Leave No Trace (LNT) plan. How will you return the site to its natural state at the end of Nowhere? Include a named LNT nominated team member’s details in your covering email (again, so the Arts Secretary can remove them easily). Your LNT contact will be responsible for your clean-up.

5. A thorough itemized budget. What materials will you be using and how much do they cost? How will you transport those materials to and from Nowhere and what are those costs? Will extra safety equipment and personnel be required?

6. Drawings, plans, sketches, or other graphic illustrations of any visible elements of your creative concept.

7. Tell us about creative projects you’ve worked on in the past – either for Burning Man or related events or elsewhere. Include photos where possible.

Make your plan as inspiring as your project is going to be! The fields of Spain will flower with your creativity this summer, as the Nowhere community continues to grow…

Please forward any questions and your completed grant applications to art (at) goingnowhere (dot) org

{============================================================} ===============OTHER EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=================== {============================================================}



The Opulent Temple, a large sound and art camp gearing up for its 5th year on the playa this year launches that effort this Friday with our brand of uber fun fun-raising. Please come support our efforts to bring sacred dance to world class music once again.

Friday, March 2nd.
Opulent Temple’s first step into the greening of BRC in ’07
Behind the Green Door

Event flier: http://opulenttemple.org/

At Mighty
119 Utah St. @ 15th.

$10 pre-sale on sale @ http://www.opulenttemple.org
$15 at door if playafied (just make an effort!)
$20 street clothes



Forwarding this from Burners Without Burners. These monthly events have been fun and productive. Come out and join us – or you could head to YOUR local beach (lakefront? park?) and start your own BWB project on the spot.

It’s beach cleuanup time! The first Sunday of the month is almost upon us and that means it is time tofocus our attention to Ocean Beach. March 4th will be the date and other groups are in on the action this month too! In fact it seems that there will be such a turnout that one group has arranged 3 DJs to spin.

While it seems that our end of day burn is always quite an event and this one should be really fun, let’s turn our focus back where it belongs: to the day’s cleanup efforts.

We will meet at 1pm at stairwell 18. This is a block or 2 south of Fulton.

If you turn into the 1st parking lot after Fulton, you will find stairwell 18; just look for the orange, red and yellow fire flag. Since the days are getting a little longer, starting at 1 will give us plenty of time to do a thorough job. We can work down from there and branch out if need be. The usuals will be provided, but work gloves, clothing layers and MOOP buckets will be helpful for you to supply. It’s also good to bring some snacks to sustain you through the late day.

We can pass around a hat as sunset for a few bucks for hot dogs and libations, or bring your own.

ALSO, save the date and find yourself a dirty spot in need of love, because May 5, 2007 will be the second annual BWB Worldwide Beach and Park Cleanup day…more info soon!

See you on the beach!



On October 21, 2006 something special happened in Portland. More than a simple party, more than a gathering of outstanding local, regional, and national talents, DIVERSION was a celebration of participatory art and culture that brought together the disparate sects of the Portland underground in a way few events have.

By melding the powerful forces of visual art, music, performance, and community, we acheived a near-perfect alchemical reaction that resulted in a “happening” of the sort that people will talk about for years to come. It was always our intention to give back a portion of the proceeds to the community in the form of grants. Little did we know, nor did we suspect, that this intention would result in such abundance. Beginning with just $800 in seed money, DIVERSION resulted in an abundance. It is now our turn to share that abundance with the rest of you.

After repaying and supplementing the seed money funds generously donated by the SOAK regional recompression fund, as well as donating $300 to the Black Rock Arts Foundation, we now have $2000 in profits that we are going to give away in the hope and knowledge that you will do something amazing with it. These are the DIVERSION ABUNDANCE GRANTS, and it is our token of appreciation for your support. With these grants we are hoping to seed the community, so that beautiful art can take root and flourish for years to come.

If you have an idea or a project that has been banging around in your head, now is the time to put pen to paper, fill out our application, and make it happen. Anyone can apply for a grant, but funded projects must be a community-oriented creative endeavor that engages the participation of the public of the Portland, Oregon metro area. Good luck, and see you next year!



DUSTFISH INVITES YOU: “In the past there was that ~ NOW There is THIS! Among the masses of parties thrown in the San Francisco/Bay Area, precious few become legendary. Those of Us who came to DUSTFISH’S party at NIMBY remember it well –and We’re still talking about it. That party was truly epic.

It has taken Us two years to come down from the high –and to find a space big enough to be worthy of Our reputation -and then some.

Ladies and Gentlemen, WE bring you:

Saturday March 10, 10pm – Sunday
*Headless Point East*, an /enormous/, virgin space at 20th & Mandela Pkwy, Oakland
$10 before midnight, $15 after

Check out http://www.dustfish.com for the full skinny!

…OH, and look for BOOTIECHECKPOINT #11 in front of Mighty at the first FLAMBE’ of the year on March 3!! WE’LL ALL BE HAVIN’ SOME FUN!!!!”



Come, wearing your vampish best to show your support of Spike’s Vampire Bar, the undead haven in the sunblighted wasteland of Black Rock City….

This event is limited to those 21 years of age and older. Please, no outside food or drink. No nudity is allowed.

Date: Saturday – March 24
9pm – 3am

Where: The Porn Palace
415 Jessie – San Francisco

Tickets: $15 Advance / $20 Door
Presale Tickets and General Donations
plus full fledged event info at: http://blooddrive.eventbrite.com


{Soundtrack to the JRS: Fridays are all about http://theoryradio.org}

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