This micro story podcast series features candid conversations with remarkable Burners — from imagineers and city builders, to intriguing people from across the global Burning Man community.

The word Blueprints implies instructions to build something. Hosted by Sassy VonDish, each of these micro stories functions as a map for becoming kind and resilient, based on hands-on knowledge gained from being an active participant in Black Rock City.

Episode 1: Broken No More

Christian Satrustegui aka Sassy Von Dish, a long time volunteer for gate and current VC for Art Support Services (ASS) walks us through how he arrived at BRC being days sober, scared and broken, just to be uplifted, healed and empowered by the community and finding his purpose.

Episode 2: Being Present

Brad Luvlin aka Scooch, Art Support Services (ASS) volunteer explains how volunteering with ASS has made him a better leader by being fully present in the moment.

Episode 3: A Sea of Goodness

Josh Winslow aka Mustang, an Art Support Services (ASS) volunteer explains how volunteering with ASS has given him hope by allowing him to see the intrinsic good in all people.

Episode 4: Let’s Make Accessibility a Sexy Topic

As a wheelchair using participant Stan Lawson, gives us a window on all the progress made in BRC and the work ahead of us when it comes to accessibility.

Episode 5: One Mistake Closer to the Right Answer

Description: Art Support Services volunteer Carrie Cojocari, aka Seven/7, speaks with Sassy Von Dish about why problem solving and logistics are indeed a creative endeavor, and how embracing mistakes is often the path to the right answer.

Episode 6: Art & the Fireman

In the latest episode of Blueprints, Ron Vidal, a.k.a. Precious shares the story of how he went from volunteer fireman to big fire art expert. His exposure to fire art launched a  journey that brought together artists and fire professionals. Learn all about the systems that help bring fire art to Black Rock City, how much has to happen before each piece even arrives in the Black Rock Desert, and much, much more.

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