2013 Media Coverage

The Burning Man bump

on October 10, 2013in CNN Money

Man on Fire

on August 20, 2013in Vegas Seven

Beautiful, cleverly fastened wooden sculptures from the architect for this year's Burning Man temple

on March 18, 2013in Blodic.us

M. See more: http://blodic.us/technology/beautiful-cleverly-fastened-wooden-sculptures-from-the-architect-for-this-year-s-burning-man-temple-59-0.htm Otis Beard writes, "Gregg Fleishman, the architect whose team was awarded the honorarium grant to build the Temple for Burning Man 2013 today, makes

San Francisco's Rocket Ship Prepares for Blast Off

on March 14, 2013in NBC Bay Area

Rocket ship was originally designed for Burning Man

Burning Man Tax? State Of Nevada Looks To Cash In On Black Rock City

on March 13, 2013in The Huffington Post

A week in Black Rock City ain't cheap -- any loyal Burner will attest to that. In addition to the $380 entrance fee, the cost of transporting and sustaining one's self, a themed camp, and any number of art cars and installations for a week in the harsh desert during the peak of summer can reach tho

Fire breathing octopus makes final performance at Embarcadero

on March 10, 2013in KTVU

SAN FRANCISCO — An eight-armed Burning Man fixture breathed its last fiery breath Sunday at the kickoff of the 5th annual Sunday Streets in San Francisco.

San Francisco's 'Other' Bridge Prepares to Shine

on March 3, 2013in ABCNews.com

After more than 75 years in the shadow of its glamorous cousin, San Francisco's "other" bridge is getting a chance to shine. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has been turned into the latest — and by far the biggest — backdrop for New York artist Leo Villareal, who has individually programmed 25

'SPARK: A Burning Man Story,' New Documentary, To Premiere At South By Southwest (VIDEO)

on February 26, 2013in The Huffington Post

With 60,000 tickets that often sell out in under two hours, the allure of Burning Man is indisputable. But as anyone who follows the festival knows, the playa is not without its controversies.

Who regulates Burning Man?

on February 15, 2013in RGJ.com(AP)

? Black Rock City LLC, which organizes Burning Man, filed a lawsuit against Pershing County in August over a special events ordinance. ? The Burning Man organizers argue the ordinance would cost them too much money and place unconstitutional restrictions on the event.

Fired up: Festival nirvana at Burning Man

on February 3, 2013in The Independent

The song "Stand by Me" will never again sound the same. Not now I've danced to it in a dust storm, with only snow goggles and cycling mask to protect my eyes and lungs. Not when the chorus concluded a pop-up wedding I chanced upon in the Nevada desert.

DigitalGlobe Top Satellite Image 2012 - Winner Announced

on January 7, 2013in Sensors & Systems

Today, DigitalGlobe announced the winner of the Top Satellite Image of 2012 contest. After a close race with the media-favored image of Mt. Fuji, Japan, the Burning Man Festival image had a late surge in the second round and clinched the win.

Building a City in the Middle of Nowhere: The Urban Experiment at the Burning Man Festival

on January 6, 2013in Bettery Magazine

Living in a temporary camp under the scorching sun, heavy winds and the omnipresent desert sand doesn't sound too desirable at first. But if you consider the time there as an urban experiment.one that integrates you into an artistic community building a temporary city.the balking fades.