2019 Media Coverage

Burning Man finally fights Instagram culture and bans high-end camp

By Ashley Boucher, February 14, 2019

in The Guardian

8 Ways to Make Your City More Like Burning Man

By Caroline Crurnoyer, July 29, 2019

in Governing

How to Go to Burning Man Without Going to Burning Man

By Caroline Webb, September 2, 2019

in Behavioral Scientist

A Nobel-Winning Economist Goes to Burning Man

By Emily Badger, September 5, 2019

in the New York Times

When Reporting an Economics Article at Burning Man, Be Prepared for Things to Get Weird

By Emily Badger, September 7, 2019

in the New York Times

The history of Burning Man

By Neil Shister, October 20, 2019

in The Washington Post

Missed Burning Man? Burning Man, or at Least Its Art, Is Coming to You

By Finn-Olaf Jones, November 8, 2019

in the New York Times