2006 Media Coverage

Burning Man Spreads Its Flame

on November 12, 2006by Julia Chaplinin New York Times

LA Decompression exemplifies how regionals spread the Burning Man spirit.

Burning Man

on November 1, 2006in Spin Magazine

Burning Man brings record crowd to Black Rock Desert

on October 20, 2006in Las Vegas SUN

BLM and Law Enforcement call 2006 burn “most peaceful” and “best organized.

FirstbPerson - Burn, Baby, Burn!

on October 1, 2006by Jennifer Raiserin Nob Hill Gazette

Taking Burning Man to the Net’s Masses

on October 1, 2006by Daniel Terdimanin CNET News

Burning Man Earth = Burning Man art and camps electronically “preserved in amber” using Google Earth - CNET News.com

Cube, Sweet Cube

on September 27, 2006by Lauren Gard and Robert Gammon and Jonathan Kaminskyin East Bay Express

Burners donate left-over lumber to charity

on September 15, 2006by Kristin Larsenin RGJ.com

Regional news site -- info and pictures

on September 4, 2006by Online Staffin GoToRenoTahoe.com

In Seattle, a spark of Burning Man

on June 26, 2006by Daniel Terdimanin CNET News

Burning Man news

on May 17, 2006by Steven T. Jonesin SF Bay Guardian

Victim known for hiscuriosity, hard work

on March 26, 2006by Christine Willmsen and Jack Broom and Sonia Krishnanin Seattle Times

His favorite, passionate thing in his life was going to the Burning Man festival.

Does PS1 Secretly Want to Kill You?

on March 15, 2006by Jessein Gawker.com

As one who has frequented not only PS1 summer Warm Up, but also Burning Man, I have realized that the choice of material for the top of a shade structure is critical...

Burning Man vets bring Wi-Fi to Katrina region

on March 1, 2006by Daniel Terdimanin CNET News

Attendees used to making-do at the desert art festival are using new mobile hot-spot technology to get Internet access while they help. Photos: Helping out in Mississippi

From here to Katrina

on February 28, 2006by Steven T. Jonesin San Francisco Bay Guardian