2002 Grantee Projects

1st Spin Jam Seattle

placement: Seattle, WA

This event allowed spectators to become participants.

2nd A NW Conclave performance

This performance orchestrated vignettes of groups and individuals that occurred around the audience.

Bruka Theatre

by: Bruka Theatre
amount granted: $5000
placement: Reno, Nevada

In support of their ongoing, non-profit collaborative and public theatre space. Bruka Theatre is a venue for many performances and installations, and serves as an organizing focus for the arts in the Reno, Nevada community.

Dances with Lights

by: Roger Carr
amount granted: $4000
placement: Burning Man

In support of the creation and exhibition of his project Dances with Lights, an interactive array of lights displayed first at Burning Man and then at other venues. Dancing with Lights was Roger’s first major art installation, making the piece especially exciting.

The Lily Pond

by: Jeremy Lutes
amount granted: $1000
placement: Burning Man

The Lily Pond, a large installation of illuminated, metal lily flowers initially installed at Burning Man 2002. Our intention was to assist and challenge this very capable artist as he exhibited his work in new venues.

Los Angeles Fire Conclave

by: Ted LeCouteur
placement: Los Angeles, CA

Teaching fire tool making and safe use.

New York Fire Conclave

by: Ben Bartelle (Flambe Volupte)
placement: New York

To create equipment for open workshops and outreach

NW Fire Conclave

by: Maque da Vis (Cirque de Flambe) & Tabasco (Pyrosutra)

Creation of a public fire performance working within their community

Reno Fire Conclave - Controlled Burn

by: Dave King
placement: Reno, NV

Teaching safe performance

Transform Nation

by: Charlie Smith

Funding of Fire Cauldron outreach proposal

White Noise Shower

by: Jenne Giles
amount granted: $1000
placement: San Francisco, CA

An interactive sculpture dealing with media in our lives. The Black Rock Arts Foundation granted Jenne Giles more than her requested amount to show appreciation for her work, and to facilitate exhibition of the White Noise Shower in other San Francisco venues.