2017 Grantee Projects


Art Bike Invasion

by: Lithuanian burners – Všį Degantis žmogus
amount granted: $6,900
placement: Klaipėda region (Dreverna) & Curonian Spit (Juodkrantė & Nida), Lithuania
Art Bike Invasion

Artwork and photo courtesey of Všį Degantis žmogus

The Art Bike Invasion will hold do-it-yourself bike workshops for kids & grown-ups where art and mutated bikes will be personalized, decorated, altered, welded and constructed. Each bike will be a unique and individual form of art and statement. The bikes will also be illuminated with lights and/or installed with portable speakers where microcontrollers will control sounds and change color patterns. The complete “Art Bike Invasion” project will comprise the bikes riding in a parade to celebrate creativity, Burning Man spirit and culture.


The Art of Burning Man

by: The Hermitage Museum & Gardens
amount granted: $6,000
placement: Norfolk, VA
The Art of Burning Man Exhibit at the Hermitage Museum

Artwork by Michael Garlington, photo courtesy of the Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum will host “The Art of Burning Man,” the first U.S. museum exhibition dedicated to the art of the Burning Man event. Works from or relating to Burning Man will be installed by seven artist groups. The exhibit will explore how the Burning Man event has become a significant way for artists to begin or build upon a career in art, and how Burning Man has become an important way for audiences to experience, interact with and become passionate about art.


ArtCar Weekend (Burning Car-Tulsa)

by: Living Arts of Tulsa
amount granted: $5,000
placement: Tulsa, OK
ArtCar Weekend by Living Arts of Tulsa

Photo and artwork courtesy of Living Arts of Tulsa

Living Arts’ Tulsa ArtCar Weekend is an annual event that engages people from all over the local Tulsa community and beyond. ArtCar Weekend 2017 will not only create ArtCars, it will also give ArtCar tours to elementary schools and hospitals, and ArtCars will hold processionals throughout Tulsa, OK.


Bend, Grind and Ride: Earn an Art Bike

by: South Shore Arts Council
amount granted: $4,500
placement: Ruskin, FL
South Shore Arts Council

Photo and artwork courtesy of South Shore Arts Council

“Bend, Grind and Ride: Earn an Art Bike” will provide kids between the ages of 12-16, who don’t have the means to obtain a bicycle, with an eight-week after-school program that gives them hands-on learning aimed at building custom low-rider art bikes. This program will expand their minds and skills while developing an appreciation for art and the creative process. Youths will come together as teams to create bikes unique to their identities.


Black Gotham Experience

by: Kamau Ware
amount granted: $3,000
placement: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Black Gotham Experience

Design by William Ellis, photo courtesy of Kamau Ware

Kamau Ware’s “Black Gotham Experience” will celebrate the African Diaspora’s impact on the early settlements of New York City through an immersive art experience that will incorporate walking tours, graphic novels, art installations and a continuously programmed hub featuring art, music, performances and events. This expansive project will be presented free of charge to the public during Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s “River To River” Festival June 14–25, 2017.


Bumba meu Boi / The Enchanted Ox

by: Jamie N. Davidson
amount granted: $1,000
placement: Freeport, IL
Deixa Falar

Photo and artwork courtesy of Jamie N. Davidson

Bumba meu Boi is a folk tradition from northeastern Brazil where each year, the story of an enchanted ox is re-enacted by costumed dancers. Having originated in a part of Brazil where workers of African descent mingled with Indigenous persons and myths under a Portuguese and largely Catholic authority, the drama highlights Brazil’s multi-ethnic composition. This project will create an arts and culture workshop to introduce Bumba meu Boi to a rural community in northern Illinois. Kids will join together to build a papier-mâché ox, create costume hats, play wooden blocks, and learn festive dances.


Forget Me Not

by: Workshop JAH and Jonathan Hanna at Kent State University
amount granted: $5,000
placement: Little Iraq, Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Public Library – Eastman Location

Artwork courtesy of Jonathan Hanna, Kent State University and the Cleveland Public Library

Forget Me Not will be an art installation and piece of permanent urban furniture in the plaza space of the Eastman Branch of the Cleveland Public Library. It will be comprised of a multi-rowed fabricated seating structure, a sun shade, and a framing apparatus for a 17’x14′ window which will look onto a newly programmed temporary performing arts and gallery space.


Free City Festival 2017

by: Flint Public Art Project
amount granted: $5,000
placement: Flint, MI
Flint Public Art Project

Artwork by Jason Ferguson, photo by Stephen Zacks

Free City is a free, large-scale public art festival that temporarily reclaims the former Flint-Chevy manufacturing site along the Flint River and opens it up for public use. The 2017 Free City Festival will feature dozens of music, dance, and theater performances, art installations, and hands-on workshops.


Glowy Plants

by: Anna Naduda
amount granted: $4,500
placement: Kiev, Ukraine
Anna Naduda

Photo and artwork courtesy of Anna Naduda

Anna Naduda will create a number of self-glowing, solar powered sculptures with the aim of animating very dark sections of public spaces so that art will grow not only in the central squares of Kiev, but also in the living districts as well. Anna’s intention is for “The Plants” to help bring contemplation and the accumulation of love to culturally deficient districts in Kiev.


Interactive Sculpture by the Community

by: RPGA Studio, Inc. and Yvonne Shortt
amount granted: $6,000
placement: Queens, NY
Rego Park Green Alliance

Artwork and photo courtesy of RPGA Studio, Inc. and Yvonne Shortt

RPGA Studio and Yvonne Shortt will provide design and construction workshops for members of the local community of Queens, NY. With these new skills, residents will create sculptures that will be mounted onto posts in Queens. The sculptures will have a pulley and crank system with which passers by can interact.



by: Ad Hoc Collective
amount granted: $9,000
placement: Holstebro, Denmark

Artwork by Ad Hoc Collective, photo by Justin Lacko

Koncertsal is a musical architectural installation that will create a playable cathedral of sound within an architectural housing made of found materials from the former slaughterhouse Kulturdivisionen Slagteriet. The work will react to the viewer’s presence and resonate with the sounds of a robotic orchestra as well as projection-mapped waves of light.


Lufthase – Air Factory

by: Pneuma Szöv and KÖZMŰ EGYESÜLET
amount granted: $5,300
placement: Budapest, Hungary
Pneuma Szöv

Artwork and photo courtesy of Pneuma Szöv and KÖZMŰ EGYESÜLET

Air Factory will invite Budapest locals to discover the air by forming a fictional ‘Air Loom Gang’. Through a participatory spatial installation and performance games, a vacant building will become a playground for exploring climate change and invisible facts about the air we breathe. The installation will feature video, high-tech and low-tech visual art, auditive installations, object collections mixed up with creative, scientific interactive games. Secret control rooms, odd design stations and crafty workshop corners will invite people to plan and test the air quality of tomorrow, change atmospheres in other parts of the factory or build their own machines in do-it-yourself workshops. Pneuma Szöv will be the creator of the artwork and KÖZMŰ EGYESÜLET will be the grantee association with Pneuma Szöv.


The Music Box Village: Additions and Enhancements for 2017

by: New Orleans Airlift
amount granted: $5,000
placement: New Orleans, LA

Music Box Village

Photo courtesy of the Music Box Village and New Orleans Airlift

The Music Box Village is a permanent installation of internationally acclaimed musical architecture in New Orleans’ Upper 9th Ward that opened to the public in fall 2016. Currently, it consists of 12 houses, each a unique creation designed and built by collaborative teams of sound artists, visual artists, and craftspeople. From small children to accomplished artists, visitors to the Village activate the musical structures with their touch. In 2017, three new houses will be added; these new houses will be the first to be built expressly for the Village, which has an atmosphere and context of its own.


Reno Playa Art Park 2017

by: Artech
amount granted: $5,000
placement: Reno, NV
Reno Playa Art Park

Artwork by Chris Holloman, photo courtesy of Artech and the Reno Gateway Project

The Reno Playa Art Park first debuted in 2016 to much acclaim. The Gateway Project, a coalition of nonprofits,  government entities, volunteers, and local businesses, and Artech, a local non-profit makerspace, brought six interactive public art projects from the Burning Man event to a vacant lot in downtown Reno for temporary display. This year’s funding will help the interactive art park to install sculptures from the 2017 Burning Man event in the Reno Playa Art Park.


Reno Sculpture Fest

by: Reno Art Works and Fresh Bakin’
amount granted: $5,000
placement: Reno, NV
Reno Sculpture Fest

Artwork by Peter Hazel Mosaic, photo by Bob Herstine

The Reno Sculpture Fest will be a collaborative event in May 2017 to showcase locally created, temporary, modular, and interactive sculptures. The three-day event will debut up to 30 new artworks, ranging from 6-20 feet tall. Once the Reno Sculpture Fest concludes, the artworks will be placed throughout Reno year-round.


Seattle Constellations

by: Point + Line
amount granted: $5,000
placement: Seattle, WA
Point + Line

Artwork by Catherine Haley Epstein

Constellations will be a free, public installation featuring an interactive visual display of thousands of global voices discussing four diverse works of art. The Constellations will grow and evolve organically as viewers both at the physical site and online contribute to the dialogue. The selected artworks will represent a diversity of artists from the Seattle community and artists will be chosen based on their work’s ability to provoke thought at the civic and global levels.


Space Whale Installation

by: Space Whale LLC
amount granted: $6,000
placement: Reno, NV

Artwork by Space Whale LLC with Matthew Schultz, Andy Tibbetts and Android Jones, photo by Scott London

The Space Whale, a creation by Space Whale LLC with Matthew Schultz and Andy Tibbetts will be installed in downtown Reno, NV. The Space Whale is a stained glass and steel sculpture of a humpback whale mother and calf flying down to Earth. It was first installed at the 2016 Burning Man event in Black Rock City.


Threshold: Shadow Zones

by: designEARTH Build
amount granted: $3,500
placement: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Shadow Liberation & designEARTH

Artwork courtesy of Shadow Liberation and designEARTH and Jack Porretta, photo by Evan Hastings

Threshhold combines contemporary shadow puppetry with ephemeral architecture to realize a space in the urban Indian landscape that will act as a transition point where the public will be invited to physically interact with myth, aesthetics, and social boundaries via the act of shadow-making.


Treasure Art – Hunt for Original Art

by: Debi Oulu
amount granted: $3,000
placement: Tel Aviv, Israel
Treasure Art Hunt

Photo by Vardit Alon Korpel, artwork from the street art series “YaffaT” by Judith Yanos

This is the fourth year of the “Treasure Art – Hunt for Original Art” event in Tel Aviv, Israel. This year, 60 artists will each donate a piece of original art to 60 new homes. The art is first displayed in a gallery for one week before the treasure hunt. People will choose which art they would like to own, and then hunt for it in an urban treasure hunt.



by: Provibers
amount granted: $2,000
placement: Vancouver, BC & Bellingham, WA
Uuntzbrella by Provibers

Photo by Izzy Czerveniak, artwork courtesy of Provibers

The Uuntzbrella is a large, beautifully lit, and artistically decorated umbrella where speakers and lights hang from the ribs on the underside of the umbrella canopy. Engaging signage will encourage participants to power up the lights and sound their bluetooth devices to play music for 15-minutes. The lights and sounds of Uuntzbrella will encourage other people in the area to come and dance together, creating a small microcosm of music connecting participants with each other through dance.