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While you can make a donation to Burning Man Project to support our year-round efforts to spread Burning Man culture worldwide, you can also make a donation directly to a project spearheaded by Burners like you — just select one from the list below. See our submission guidelines to get your fundraiser listed here.  

Apply Your Skills

If you'd like to apply your skills, resources or another kind of contribution to a project, browse the Spark system, which facilitates collaborative connections. Also, watch the Jackrabbit Speaks Email Newsletter and/or your local Regional announce list for requests from artists for assistance, take a look in the Art and Performance discussion area of the ePlaya, browse Burning Man's Facebook Page, or seek out specific projects in our list of Art Installations. Finally, once you're at Burning Man, visit the V-Spot in Center Camp or the ARTery to see which artists are seeking volunteer help on the playa.

Table of Contents

The Temple

Black Rock City Art

Theme Camps

Empyrean: 2022 Burning Man Temple

Empyrean is the 20th incarnation of the Temple at Burning Man. This year, the Temple will be the place we gather in community to grieve, to celebrate life, and to honor our individual and collective losses in these recent, tumultuous times.We invite you to co-create with our dedicated Build Crew to complete the Empyrean Temple for 2022. Consistent with the Burning Man principles of “immediacy,” “gifting,” and “participation” we need your help NOW to make this a “communal effort” and raise the Temple by making a donation to this project. We are grateful for your gifts, necessary to complete the Temple for 2022.



The Dust City Diner

We're grateful to again have the support of Burning Man, but the ladies of the diner still need your financial help! The Dust City Diner runs on a lot of love, a little grit, and the support of our community. Thank you!



Bring Dreams: a pop-up book to Burning Man

Dreams: A giant pop-up book, will be larger than life, leather-bound book. The viewer's curiosity will be piqued by
whispering sounds, twinkling lights leaking from the pages.
When a reader opens the wooden book, it springs to life. Each turn of the page reveals a new pop-ups showing a
a dream.



The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal

The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal installation was built for Burning Man 2022 as a space to provide an access point to align to the higher dimensional crystalline timelines. It is now planned to bring it to Art Basel Miami Dec 2022 Harlan Emil Gruber has been building large scale interactive "Portal" installations for Burning Man since 2004 that have been shown at events around the world. For Burning Man 2022 he is collaborating with South African Intuitive Maraya who brought forth the form for this new Portal: a 12 step pyramid the angle of the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza surrounded by a horizontal ring and crossed arches (that signify complete rings) aligned North/South East/West that have Codes of Creation symbols on them illuminated  from within We would love your support to make this project as successful as possible, not only for the benefit of the people who get to experience it, but for its subtle effect on Burning Man the whole world's timeline alignment.



Petaled Portal

Which is.. possible of transformation, not to that which is coming, but to things here.   A portal to the present.   Petaled Portal is, Portal now Petaled.. with 9 glass tile mosaic petals radiating out and stepping back 27 feet.   One can explore their own "Transfortation" through, a perspective lens from an exact location of 27' in front of it's center ring entrance where a stone bench will be placed for the viewer's pleasure.   At this location all petals appear to be the same size, made possible through an invisible viewing plane which is the entrance to Petaled Portal.   When in reality it's 9 petals increase 10% each, with petal 9 doubling in size from that of petal 1.   After completion of contemplation one may choose to enter Petaled Portal, and "Transfort" through its back lit frilled rings, gathering critical navigational rights to ones path.
With a long haul of 2 full time build years, Petaled Portal is coming to completion.



The Mind’s Eye

A 25-foot tall surrealist sculpture made of painted, hand-formed steel. The artwork plays off of the absurdity we have collectively been through. It is meant to spark wonder and a kind of childlike joy in the eye of its beholder. And it is a monument to overcoming adversity with imagination, humor, and persistence. As the artist builds this sculpture by hand, its philosophy is tested - each piece is hand hammered and formed, and slowly during a time of great upheaval in the world, the sculpture attempts to be realized despite everything in its way.  




One day, I had a vision of an island to watch the sunrise at the end of the desert. Sunrise Deep Island was the honorary Brazilian artwork that brought a piano and a remote secret island to DEEP PLAYA, very close to the fence, at Burning Man 2022.    



Bring The Face to life at Burning Man 2022

The Face is an invitation. To connect with oneself, others, and the planet. It's an opportunity for discovery and acceptance. All-welcoming, The Face is a passive collocutor who guides without advice and inspires without dogma. The target is contemplative dialogue in the heart of its audiovisual energy field. The Face invites convergence within before diverging back to the world at large with a heightened sensibility for "whoever you are".

Help us build DIPTOWN at Burning Man 2022

DIPTOWN is a sprawling landscape installation of a ghost town buried in the dust, with only a few roofs seen on the surface. This is the project where each and every member of Burning Man community can participate in, returning home in their thoughts, enriching DIPTOWN with their stories, memories, or maybe leaving there a piece of themselves like a favorite scarf. The ghost town is meant to evoke feelings of nostalgia for the place and time that has never existed in the real world.




Temple of The 5 Elements

The Temple of the Elements is a meditation on love and the fulfilled hope of re/connection.

Inspired by the temple room from The 5th Element, this interactive installation enables two or more burners to transform into the element of love. Standing in the center of the altar will trigger beams of light representing Earth, Air, Fire and Water will converge on the people & illuminate the surroundings with the power of their love.




Harmony's Honoraria Project

Hi, my name is Harmony Tryon, I am a 18-year-old artist. I have recently been granted the honor of creating an Honoraria art installation for Burning Man this August. I learned how to weld at 12 and have been creating metal flame effect sculptures ever since, but I recently dreamed big and aimed high. Doing so has gotten me here; to an accepted application, but now I need your help!  


The Tryst

The tryst aims to give you the opportunity to meet yourself. to reflect, explore and discover different dimensions of yourself. to realize the importance of choosing yourself, that our perceptions and experiences start and end with yourself.



M-theory Mechanica

My name is Matt Parkhurst. In 2020 I was awarded an art grant of $7,500 which would have covered around half of what I needed to build M-Theory Mechanica. As everyone is aware, supply-chain shortages and inflation have driven the costs of everything to triple what it was in 2020. I have built other art projects for Burning Man and assisted with others, but this year is especially important because M-Theory Mechanica has been a dream of mine for many years. The art grant money has already been spent on flame effects and the first load of steel. I need your help to bring the project across the finish line.  



The Citipati, the Funeral Lords, enact the eternal dance of death within an arching fire of perfect awareness.

Two metal figures, nine-foot tall skeletons forged and fabricated from gleaming steel, fearsome and flashing, dance above a stage, which is ringed with footlights. A sixteen-foot high arch of fire frames them, spitting flame into the sky. These charnel lords are animated by the air and propane sent through their limbs and features: clattering, spinning, shrieking and rattling in their wrathful dance.



Help bring Chilopod to life!

Chilopod has come from a distant galaxy to meet you. She is a sentient, luminous plant-animal who likes to play, and her spine is a slide! But she also wants to warn us about environmental destruction. Her message, "Become one with the Earth, because its fate is yours. It’s not too late.” Help us bring Chilopod’s healing energy to playa and beyond.



A Thousand Eyes and a Thousand Dreams, 2022 BURNING MAN

We are multimedia artists Miguel & Iyvone. Support our mission turning Waste into Art for Burning Man 2022. We are grateful to receive funding from Burning Man Honoraria Art Grant, but we must find the remainder of the expenses from somewhere, hence this campaign. Our fundraising campaign is filled with beautiful perks! All proceeds from the fundraiser will be used for our crew essentials. Every donation, however small, will help our team. Our delightful selection of perks was lovingly designed by our wonderful artist Iyvone Khoo.



The FIRE Installation

The FIRE Installation will appear as a grove of fire ravaged Manzanita trees in stark contrast to the white canvas of the Black Rock Desert. Each tree stands as a unique sculpture, an individual entity, made more beautiful by its initial struggle for sun, the resistance to gravity, and ultimately the sculpting by blazing wildfire heat. The installation poses questions regarding humanities ongoing relationship to the element of fire. Is FIRE friend or foe; teacher, healer, provider or malevolent force? Accompanying  the grove an interactive altar provides a space for 2D art and written word responses to the questions.




A japanese bonsai-inspired tree with delicate and intricate filigreed metal detailing appears much like an heirloom. One can govern the nature of fire by speaking to the tree – she speaks back with fire. The tree itself is hyper reflective with the brass under fire, glowing. The stainless steel trunk, with discreet climb places and candle coves is stand-alone a sculptural and craft master-detail oriented piece which appears ancient  – an antique from an ancient time.


Word Play Cafe

Love word games? So do we!
We get great joy from our daily word game rituals and know many other Burners do too. So we decided to bring a brand-new project to the playa this year! Fueled by our own passions for crossword puzzles and word play, and further buoyed by the swell of interest in word games due to the pandemic (Wordle anyone?), we are creating a space in Black Rock City called Word Play Cafe.
Word Play Cafe will be housed in a 30ft dome in the BLD Village and will feature activities for all word game aficionados. In the morning, we will offer drip brewed coffee and the daily crossword puzzle. We will also host several events throughout the day on Mon-Fri such as Wordle, puzzle competitions, kids events and plenty of open play time for participants of all ages to come chill out in the dome to solve word puzzles, play board games like Scrabble, Boggle, Bananagrams, and Apples to Apples, or choose from a variety of custom games we created just for Burning Man!




Today, your adventure begins.
Nightcrawlers is an immersive theme camp that strives to bring together and build community for the nerds, geeks, cosplayers, gamers, dungeon masters, adventurers, and heroes of the Playa at Burning Man. It serves as the Guild Hall for PlayaRPG, where visitors are transported to another world once they enter the threshold of our camp.