Support a Project

Make a Financial Contribution

While you can make a donation to Burning Man Project to support our year-round efforts to spread Burning Man culture worldwide, you can also make a donation directly to a project spearheaded by Burners like you — just select one from the list below. See our submission guidelines to get your fundraiser listed here.  

Apply Your Skills

If you'd like to apply your skills, resources or another kind of contribution to a project, browse the Spark system, which facilitates collaborative connections. Also, watch the Jackrabbit Speaks Email Newsletter and/or your local Regional announce list for requests from artists for assistance, take a look in the Art and Performance discussion area of the ePlaya, browse Burning Man's Facebook Page, or seek out specific projects in our list of Art Installations. Finally, once you're at Burning Man, visit the V-Spot near Center Camp.

Temple of the Heart: 2023 Burning Man Temple

Temple of the Heart is the official 2023 Burning Man Temple. A vessel for reconnecting with our hearts and a space for communal healing. Through flowers, Eastern European lacing, and warm feminine energy, the Temple induces the feelings of maternal love, acceptance, and protection.