Leave Nevada Beautiful: Waste Disposal & Recycling Locations

Leave Nevada Beautiful is Burning Man’s network of Burner-friendly trash, recycling and RV grey/black water servicing facilities where you can legally dispose of your waste after the event. Please plan accordingly. Some of these locations are closed on Monday, the Labor Day holiday.  

DO NOT USE ANY PUBLIC TRASH CANS OR DUMPSTERS ALONG THE WAY FOR YOUR EVENT-RELATED TRASH. They cannot support the needs of our 80,000 participants. 

As the event continues to grow there is a small, yet significant, portion of people who do it wrong and unfortunately dump their trash at uninvolved locations such as rest stops, RV parks, hotels, convenience stores, or worse — in front of people’s homes. This is a terrible insult to our neighbors and an absolute disgrace to the Burning Man community. It is also illegal and if caught can result in a $2,000 fine for littering and a run-in with local law enforcement.

Beware: There are some unaffiliated independent trash operations of questionable environmental practices along the highway who are not part of our network and cannot be endorsed. 

We recommend that you use our list of officially authorized Leave Nevada Beautiful 2019 locations or take your trash home with you. Leave No Trace and Leave Nevada Beautiful! Thank you!

Trash and Recycling Only Locations

Rabbit Traxx Truck Stop — Mini-Mart (Trash & Recycling) 580 Patterson St., Cedarville CA • (530) 279-2022 Open Labor Day • 24hrs Sat 8/31–Wed 9/4 • $5 per kitchen size bag, $10 per 35 gal., $15 up to 55 gal., $15 bike recycling • free recycling (please clean, sort, unbag recyclables) • hazardous waste prohibited•

Waste Management — Fernley/Churchill Transfer Station (Trash & Recycling) 1100 US Highway 95A, Fernley NV • (775) 329-8822• Closed Labor Day • Tue – Sat, 8 am–4:30 pm • Closed for lunch 12–12:30 pm • $28 min. per cubic yd • recycle no charge/no buybacks •

Waste Management — Stead Transfer Station (Trash & Recycling) 13890 Mt Anderson, Reno NV • (775) 972-9160 • Closed Sunday and Labor Day • Tue – Sat, 8 am–4 pm •$25 min. per cubic yd • recycling no charge/no buybacks •

Whole Foods Market (Trash & Recycling) 6139 South Virginia St, Reno NV • (775) 852-8023 •  Open Labor Day • Sat 8/31 – Wed 9/4, 6 am–12 am • $7 per 35 gal. • free recycling (please clean, sort, unbag recyclables before deposit) • hazardous waste prohibited •

Save Mart Supermarkets (Trash & Recycling) 525 Keystone Ave, Reno NV • (775) 786-2150 • Open Labor Day • 24hrs Sun 9/1 – Wed 9/4 • $10 per 35 gal. Free Recycling — please clean, sort, unbag recyclables before deposit • Hazardous waste prohibited •

Trash Only Locations

Waste Management — Lockwood Regional Landfill (Trash) 2700 East Mustang Rd, Reno NV • (775) 329-8822• Closed Labor Day • Tue – Fri, 8 am–4:30 pm • $40 min. per cubic yd (additional charges based on type) •

Waste Management — Commercial Row/Sage St. Transfer Station (Trash) 1390 E. Commercial Row, Reno NV • (775) 326-2416• Open Labor Day • Mon – Fri, 7 am–5 pm • Sat – Sun, 8 am–4:30 pm • $35 min per cubic yd •

Recycling Only Locations

Waste Management / Recycle America – Reno Recycling Center (Recycling) 1390 E. Commercial Row, Reno NV • (775) 326-2381 • Closed Labor Day • Tue – Fri, 8 am–4:30 pm • free recycling/no buybacks • charges for electronics and CFLs (cash or check only) •

Green Solutions (Recycling) 1085 Telegraph, Reno NV • (775) 870-0812Closed Labor Day • Tue – Fri, 8 am–4 pm • Sat – Sun, 12 pm–4 pm • free recycling • no buybacks •

RV Dump – Grey Water & Black Water

Modoc District Fairgrounds (Trash, Recycle, RV Dump) 1 Center St, Cedarville CA • (530) 279-2315 • Open Labor Day • Everyday 24hrs • $5 trash per 13 gal. • $10 trash up to 55 gal. • free recycle • free grey water • $10 RV dump • $20 RV hookup • $5 bike recycle • $10 dry camping • $5 showers • non-perishable food donations accepted for local shelter • call to reserve storage •

Alturas Chevron (RV Dump) 1080 North Main St, Alturas CA • (530) 233-5114 • Open Labor Day • Everyday 5:30 am–12 am • $10 grey and black water •

Pyramid Lake Marina & Campground  (RV Dump) 2500 Lakeview Dr, Sutcliffe NV • (775) 476-1155 • Open Labor Day • Everyday 24 hr credit card kiosk $10 dump station (must have hoses and elbow before payment) •

Love’s Travel Stop (RV Dump) 825 Commerce Center Dr, Fernley NV • (775) 575-2200 • Open Labor Day • Everyday 24 hrs • $10 grey and black water (must have own hose) •

Golden Gate Petroleum (RV Dump) 1055 S. Rock Blvd, Sparks NV • (775) 358-7400 • Open Labor Day • Everyday 5 am–9 pm • $8 grey and black water • propane available • no potable water •

TA Travel Center (RV Dump)200 N. McCarran Blvd, Sparks NV • (775) 359-0550 • Open Labor Day • Everyday 24 hrs • RVs and 55-gallon drums acceptable • $5 grey water and black water •  


Hazard Road Debris & Securing Your Load

Road debris is a serious concern any time of the year and in the U.S. annually causes 51,000 accidents, injuring nearly 10,000. Don’t add to the U.S. statistic. Secure your load safely like someone you love is driving behind you, because they are. Although we have been greatly improving, this is a serious safety matter and our LNT Highway Cleanup team still cleans up road debris that has blown off vehicles departing the event. Follow these tips and leave the highways clean, beautiful and safe.

  • “Tie It Strong!” The wind can exert hundreds of pounds of pressure per square foot on your load at 60 miles per hour, and push it right off your vehicle. Firmly secure large items with cargo netting, solid straps, rope, and bungee cords. 
  • “Don’t Overload!” Cramming too much stuff onto a vehicle increases the risk of items shifting, sliding or falling onto the roadway. Keep items level with the truck bed or trailer unless firmly tied down. 
  • “Heavy On Top, Lighter On Bottom!” Put lighter items at the bottom and heavier items on top to help keep them in place.
  • “Cover Up!” Your entire load, especially loose items, should be firmly covered with a tarp or cargo netting. Remember to make sure the tarp is securely fastened to the vehicle.
  • “Triple Check Your Load!” Check that all items are securely anchored down and any tarps are tied to the vehicle. Ask yourself, “Is this load safe and roadworthy?”