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Saturday, June 20th


The Early Years



Burning Man 1987
Man on Baker Beach

  • Man is expanded in size
  • Triangular face remains as part of image

1987 Beach Burn Flier with image of 1986 Burn

join us at the northern naked end of baker beach on saturday, june 20

Neither Larry nor Jerry remembers precisely when they made the commitment to burn a Man again.

Jerry supposes they must have occasionally mentioned to each other how much fun or how interesting it was in the year after the first burn, and that the decision to do it again had to have been made at least weeks in advance, because by 1987 the Man was nearly fifteen feet tall and took a couple of week-ends of work to make. He recalls their girlfriends and possibly even his roommate lending a hand or a hammer swing here and there. It was still small enough to build and transport on his truck. “the first one was like a family picnic”, Jerry remembers. “And the second one was like a bigger family picnic.”

Brian Doherty – This is Burning Man

On Baker Beach, San Francisco.  Image Stewart Harvey
On Baker Beach, San Francisco. Image Stewart Harvey

"The Bohemians have a kind of erotic sense of property. They share with one another. They cooperate with one another. They collaborate with one another. What Bohemians reflect is the natural life of artists, how they behave in their authentic environment. And these were the principles we followed. We didn't worry about getting a venue or asking permission. We started out guerilla. We were illegal, going down to the beach to burn this thing. And we depended for our resources, not on grants, and not on sponsorship, and not anybody's funding, but on our own communal efforts undertaken together."

LA VIE BOHÉME — A History of Burning Man
a lecture by Larry Harvey at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis
February 24, 2000