What happened to Burning Man’s business listings?

We have phased out our business listings in favor of resources on the web and social media that are entirely managed by the community.

These listings were created at a time when there weren’t nearly as many Burners out there, let alone places for Burners to buy gear for the playa, nor other platforms online for Burners to share tips and resources. Things have changed, though, and the web and social media provide much better and more up-to-date ways of finding desert-ready resources than Burning Man office staff can curate and maintain. Plus, it’s always felt a bit odd to promote particular businesses or products, or even to suggest to Burners what the “right” way to prepare is.

Now that there are lots of better ways to find playa gear and advice from your fellow Burners online, we suggest you use those instead.

Don’t know where to find other Burners online? Try one of these places:

ePlaya: the official online forum for Black Rock City
/r/burningman: the subreddit by Burners, for Burners
Burning Man Classifieds: an active community-managed Facebook group

Thanks for understanding.