BRC Fuel Program

Tired of hauling in gallons upon gallons of fuel to the Black Rock Desert? Concerned about keeping a large amount of fuel in your camp? Want to power your Theme Camp or Mutant Vehicle without having to worry about how? We have news for you! Black Rock City now offers a fueling program for Theme Camps and Mutant Vehicles at Burning Man! In order to participate in the program please keep reading.

Theme Camps

Sierra Fuels and Haymaker are our two approved fuel vendors this year. Theme Camps may contact one of these vendors pre-event to make arrangements for their fueling needs on playa. Although fuel prices do fluctuate frequently, these vendors have agreed to lock in a price range for you when you make your arrangements. Black Rock City is working closely to ensure pricing is fair and reasonable. If you are not quoted a price when you make your arrangements, please ask for one.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your generator should be large enough to run up to 30 hours in between fills.
  • Camps must keep a clear path to the generator(s).
  • The fill pipe accessible area should be no more than 150ft from the access road.
  • That area also needs to be clear of sources of ignition or open flames.

Although arrangements can be made on Playa if you decide you have fuel needs, vendors cannot always guarantee the ability to meet your needs if no previous conversations have been held. Please don’t wait … make your arrangements today!

Please note BRC cannot be held responsible for the performance of external vendors.

Mutant Vehicles

Haymaker will be operating a Mutant Vehicle fueling station on playa, Monday through Sunday of the event, on the outskirts of the camping area near 10:00 and L. Each day the fuel station will be open from 2pm to 6pm. Any vehicles with a “Night Time ONLY” Permit should use the city streets and travel along L to the fuel station. This option can be used for other generators ON BOARD and used for Mutant Vehicle purposes (i.e. light, sound, etc.).

Mutant Vehicle Owners interested in participating in this opportunity should email Haymaker at Once contact has been established and you have a plan, you will need to call 804-647-6132 to set up a payment plan.

Additional Information for Theme Camps and Mutant Vehicles

When making reservations, you will need to provide:

  • A contact name, email address and phone number
  • Camp name
  • Camp location
  • Type of fuel
  • Type and size of vehicle or equipment to be fueled

On site, vendors will operate as best they can in line with the arrangements they have made with you. Please remember, it is Burning Man and unexpected situations like weather delays, equipment failures and road closures may arise!

Messages for the fuel vendor can be left with a fuel team representative at the “Fuel Funnel”, located at Playa Info at 1:00 Inner Center Camp. The “Fuel Funnel” hours are 1pm-3pm, Sunday through Saturday of the event, and messages will be relayed to the fuel vendor daily. Pre-event, messages can be relayed to the fuel vendors through Playa Info.

There is a 25 gallon minimum fill. If you wish to obtain fuel and store it for later use you must have 4-5, 5 gallon gas/diesel jugs that are CARB and EPA certified.

NOTE: This opportunity is for Mutant Vehicles and Theme Camp generators only. This is not to be used for personal vehicles or other equipment.

Fuel Spills and Storage Guidelines

Any fuel spill in your camp should be reported to Black Rock City Rangers or the Emergency Services Department immediately! They will advise you on remediation. If you find any leaks or spills, please stop or contain the leak as best you can until help arrives.

More information of fuel storage can be found here.

For questions regarding fuel at Burning Man, please email