Lost and Found

Items found in Black Rock City are not “playa gifts” to keep nor to give to anyone other than their rightful owners. At Burning Man, participants turn in found items to Playa Info so that they might be returned to their owners. After the event, whether you have lost or found something, there are some steps you can take to facilitate “happy reunions”:

Send descriptions to lostandfound@burningman.com. Don’t be vague or general in your descriptions: complete make, model, and color information will have the most success. Act quickly. Our official found items return efforts end when ticket sales begin in mid-January for our next Burning Man.

If found items do not make it to Playa Info, our community often takes temporary possession in order to ‘leave no trace’. If you want to hedge your bets, also post partial descriptions to our ePlaya bulletin board. For several months following the event the Lost & Found forums are on the main index, and afterwards you can find them in the “Years Past” section of the site. Use the ePlaya’s search engine. See if anyone can fill in the blanks. (After Burning Man we too will post to and scan the ePlaya for descriptions of Playa Info’s found items to attempt “happy reunions”.)

Beyond these official channels, try the same thing on the Burning Man Facebook page … there’s a big and helpful Burning Man community to be found there.

Cameras and Film
Lost a camera or film? We will post a selection of representative photographs from the dozens of cameras recovered post-event. Watch the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter and our website’s homepage for announcements.

Do not remove ANY bike that you did not bring from BM, so that it may be returned to its rightful owner. Doing so is considered theft under The State of Nevada Statutes 205. The same crew who maintains the hundreds of Community Yellow Bikes also collects hundreds of abandoned bikes post-event. Successful bike returns have always been well worth the effort put into the program. They are based in Reno, NV. You can write them at lostbikes@burningman.com with a description of your lost bike.

Unclaimed items, including bikes, will be donated to charity, or otherwise put to good use.