Lost and Found

Lost something on the playa? Go to LnF.burningman.org and follow the instructions. You can search database pictures of phones, clothes and bags. You can also search on your last name for an item with your name on it. You also can describe lost electronic gadgets, cameras and misc. items.

New this year, we will post pictures from lost cameras on the Lost and Found website, once we unpack and resume work. Watch for a Jackrabbit Speaks announcement on when selected pics from lost cameras, keys and glasses pictures are posted.

Please do not come to Burning Man headquarters hoping to pick up your lost items, even if you can see that they have been recovered. The Lost and Found staff is dealing with a literal truckload of phone, backpacks, and other lost items, and will contact you as soon as your item is located and ready for pickup. It might take a while. Please wait until the Lost and Found staff contacts you that your item is ready for pickup or shipment.

Our community at large finds many items on playa and posts them to our ePlaya bulletin board, where you can register, look for, or post a lost item.