Health and Safety

Stay healthy and safe while you camp and explore the many opportunities for participation at Burning Man! This section will give you the information you need to keep yourself healthy, and tell you where to find emergency services, should you need them.

Consent is sexy! Visit the Bureau of Erotic Discourse to learn more.

Remember radical self-reliance! Bring a first aid kit and any medications you may need (the closest pharmacies are in Fernley or Reno, and there is no clinic in Gerlach).

Should your illness or injury be more severe than you can manage without help, there are Emergency Services medical stations on the 3:00 and 9:00 plazas, and on the Esplanade at 5:30, identifiable by a neon blue cross on top of the buildings. These stations are staffed by emergency health care providers (doctors, nurses, medics, etc.) who donate their time and medical expertise to the city as their gift to us all.

Bringing fuel or other hazardous materials? Read the guidelines for fuel and hazmat storage.

If you require a higher level of care than can be provided on the playa, you will need to visit a hospital in Reno, either by getting a ride from a friend, or being transported by an ambulance or helicopter (depending on your condition). Bring your ID, insurance card, cell phone, and wallet when you go. If you get transported by ambulance or helicopter, you’ll need to arrange for a friend to pick you up after your care. There are no shuttles from the hospitals back to the playa.

Be prepared ... it's all about
radical self-reliance