Wadsworth Resources

100 Miles to Black Rock City – Northwards! The beginning of the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribal reservation and America’s Solar Highway

Wadsworth, one of the last small towns before heading north off into the desert to Black Rock City, is on the southern end of the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribal reservation, nestled along the big bend of the Truckee River. This community and Nixon, 17 miles up north at Pyramid Lake, have been very supportive of Burning Man over its history and are happy to see us. Some final opportunities for supplies, medical care, car repair, and camping can be found here or in Nixon, as well as in nearby sister-city Fernley. Also found here are the beginning installations of what has come to be known as America’s Solar Highway, thanks in part to the efforts of Black Rock Solar.

Taking exit # 43 off of the interstate, I-80 Smoke Shop & Campground will soon be on your right with food, ice, gas, food, plenty of last-minute supplies, and RV & camping opportunities.

Further down the road you’ll be entering the heart of town, and you’ll want to turn left on Highway 447 in order to get to Burning Man. Or if you are coming from the east from Fernley (I-80 Exit #46), you’ll turn right onto Highway 447. Here or near this junction you will find Hoya Deli and the Big Bend RV Park. Additionally, there will be several road-side shops in Nixon very accommodating with native food and crafts, last-minute supplies, services, and very warm hospitality. The Tribe encourages people to only buy food and goods from vendors with a Food Handlers Permit from HIS (Indian Health Service), and to only dump their trash with vendors who have a trash permit from the Tribe.

Also of special note in Wadsworth:

Car Wash — The Sacred Visions Powwow Committee will be sponsoring a carwash during Exodus for travelers next to the Natchez Elementary School, just as you enter Wadsworth on State Route 447.  The wash will be available for vehicles of all sizes during daylight hours from August 31-September 3.  All funds raised will go to support the 6th Annual Sacred Visions Powwow.

For further information on Wadsworth and the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe check here.


PLEASE drive the posted speed limit and keep an appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you while traveling throughout the reservation. SLOW DOWN (speed limit is 25mph) on your way through Wadsworth, Nixon, and Sutcliffe, while also being cautious and mindful of children at-play and considerate of the townspeople that trying to access their homes, businesses, tribal services, and crossing the road. Finally, throughout this last stretch of your journey to Burning Man, please keep a steady hand on the wheel and a careful eye out ahead for wandering cows, horses, jackrabbits, and other creatures along the road, as this is wide open country.

Emergency Contact Numbers

All Emergencies: 911
Nevada Highway Patrol: (*647)
Washoe County Sheriff Dispatch: 775-574-0444
Pyramid Lake Ranger Station: 775-476-1155
Pyramid Lake Search & Rescue – 775-560-4417


1-80 Smokeshop & Campground 
1000 Smoke Shop Circle, Wadsworth – 775-575-2181 – map
Open 6am-8pm daily. Extended hours during Burning Man. If you are traveling from the west to Burning Man, I-80 Smoke Shop & Market is right off I-80 as you enter Wadsworth. A gas station and convenience store flush with hospitality and having among many things, lots of water, smokes, dry ice and ice, tarps, goggles, hats, booze, and canned beer on-hand – one of the last for about 100 miles to stock up. See below also for camping details. RV greywater disposal will also be available.


Hoya Deli
100 Main Street, Wadsworth – 775-835-0402 – map
Open daily 9am-9pm. Call ahead for after-hours possibilities. A wonderfully cozy place to sit down, kick back, and enjoy some food.  The menu includes breakfast items, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and salads.  Vegetarian/vegan options also available.

Gas Stations

1-80 Smokeshop & Campground 
1000 Smoke Shop Circle, Wadsworth – 775-575-2181 – map
Open 6am-8pm daily. Extended hours during Burning Man.

Love’s Truck Stop
825 Commerce Center Drive, Fernley – 775-575-2200 – map
Open 24/7. Offers showers and RV Greywater Disposal.

Pilot Travel Center
465 US Highway 95A N, Fernley – 775-575-5115 – map
Open 24/7. Offers showers.

Hospitals / Urgent Care

Renown Family Urgent Care 
1320 Newlands Drive, Fernley – 775-982-5000 – map 
Open Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-3pm (closed Sunday).

Pyramid Lake Health Clinic
705 Highway 446, Nixon – 775-574-0987 – map
Open Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm, Wed 8am-noon.

Camping / RV Parks

Big Bend RV Park
#1 Big Bend Ranch Road – 775-575-2185 – 775-224-1310 – map
Open daily 9am-5:30pm. Located near the Truckee River, Big Bend RV Park is a great place to park your RV or set up a tent. $25/night with full hook-ups, cable, electric, WiFi, laundry, shower and garbage. $15/night for tents. Weekly rates also available. Quiet area, hospitable service, recommend you reserve ahead.

1-80 Smokeshop & Campground 
1000 Smoke Shop Circle – 775-575-2185 – 775-224-1310 – map
Open 7am-8pm during Burning Man hours. $25.00/night with hookups for RV & campers. $15/night for tents. Weekly rates also available. Showers, laundry, and restroom facility onsite.

Gray water Disposal

1-80 Smokeshop & Campground 
1000 Smoke Shop Circle – 775-575-2185 – 775-224-1310 – map
RV greywater disposal available 24 hours.

Love’s Truck Stop
825 Commerce Center Drive, Fernley – 775-575-2200 – map
Open 24/7. Offers RV greywater Disposal.

Car Repairs

Smith n Tobey
413 Fourth Street, Wadsworth – 775-575-7320 – 775-771-7714 – map
24 Hour Towing, Roadside Repairs, and Off-Road Recovery Specialist for vehicles of all sizes.