Black Rock City Rangers

NOTE: All prospective Rangers must be at least 18 years of age and have attended the event at least twice before they can volunteer in the department. Volunteering as a new Ranger requires you to attend a full day of Ranger training and participate in an on-playa mentoring/evaluation shift prior to being accepted as a Ranger. Ranger trainings are offered at many locations around the US (and a few in Canada!).

The Black Rock Rangers are a cross-section of the Burning Man community who volunteer some of their time in the role of non-confrontational community mediators. Responding to the ever-changing environment, we address within our community situations that would otherwise require outside intervention. By encouraging and facilitating communication, the Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards, from sunstroke to tent fires. We are emphatically not the police or a paramilitary organization.

There are as many different reasons for being a Ranger as there are Rangers. Our strength comes from the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences. The most important qualification for being a Ranger is the desire to be an interactive participant. Helpful qualities include a sense of humor, flexibility, and a good pair of walking shoes.

Any technical skills a person may or may not have are secondary to a desire to help fellow citizens of Black Rock City. Ranger training and mentoring are designed to help develop the skills that are needed on the playa. As our community grows, so does our need for Rangers. Come participate with us!

If you wish to become a Black Rock Ranger please indicate this on our Volunteer Questionnaire.

For information about Ranger Training, please click here.

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