Bike Repair

Having a bike repair camp is critical at Burning Man. Any camp that takes on this task is given prime placement in return for their services. The bike repair camp located in center camp, Re:Cycle, does the largest business and benefits the most people. They work with Burning Man recycling and help maintain their bike fleets. The recycled parts come from bikes left on the playa in previous years, but mostly the camp teaches people how to repair their own bikes. If you want your bike repaired for you, you may want to wait until you head back to the city, but if you are willing to get dirty and learn some new skills, Re:Cycle camp will get you back on your wheels. Remember to bring your own tools and parts or something useful to contribute!

Re:Cycle camp grew out of Burning Man recycling because of its huge bike fleet. It is promoted in all of the Burning Man information sources each year. Placement and work structures for the camp are arranged for before the event. In the days before our gates open, we pick through and transport bike parts from the Work Ranch to the playa. Much of the real work happens during our event. For those few days Re:Cycle blossoms like a desert flower and fades as quickly after the city gates close.

We may see a passing of the baton from the current bike repair organizers to new blood in 2002. New mechanics are encouraged to take part in the camp and see what makes it tick.