Concept and Implementation Team: 

Marian Goodell, Harley K. Dubois, Larry Harvey, Andie Kopp, Will Roger

Introduction: Larry Harvey, Harley K. DuBois, Will Roger
Q and A: Andie Kopp, Larry Harvey, others
Financial Introduction: Larry Harvey
Financial Summary: Larry Harvey, Dave Thornton, Robert Brownstein
Future Vision: Larry Harvey
Silver Seed Trip: Michael Michael

Introduction: Larry Harvey
Consensus, Authority, Heirarchy, and Power: Larry Harvey
LLC and Staff Bios: Compiled by Andie Kopp, submitted and composed by staff members

Administration and SF Office
Introduction: Crimson Rose, Larry Harvey
Accounting/Box Office: Dave Thornton
Ticket Process: Crimson Rose, Frog Gilmore
Legal: Marian Goodell, Andie Kopp
Government Relations: Marian Goodell, Larry Harvey

Art Report: Ladybee, Crimson Rose, Larry Harvey
Special Events: Steven Ra$pa
Theme Art Letter: Larry Harvey

Business Services
Introduction: Dana Harrison
Café: Dana Harrison
Ice: Dana Harrison
Commissary: Dana Harrison

Introduction: Marian Goodell
Documentation Team: Jess Bobier, Karie Henderson
PR/Media: Jim Graham, Andie Kopp
Print Production: Andie Kopp
Regionals: Andie Kopp, Larry Harvey
Black Rock Gazette: Vicki Olds
Website: Dave Marr, Andie Kopp

Community Services
Introduction: Harley K. DuBois
Bike Repair: Harley K. DuBois
Burning Man Information Radio: Carmen Mauk
Bus Depot: Fred “The Owl” Whitman
Earth Guardians: Karina O’Connor
Greeters: Susan Strahan
Lamplighters: Brien Burroughs
Placement: Harley K. Dubois
Playa Info: Meghan Beachler, Rob Oliver
Recycle: David Wellhauser
Volunteers: Molly Tirpak, Harley K. DuBois

Overview: Will Roger, Larry Harvey
Setup/Cleanup: Tony “Coyote” Perez
Airport: Lissa Shoun
Business Activity: Ada Chester
Operations: Flynn Mauthe
Gerlach/Black Rock Station Experience: Matthew “Metric” Ebert
Planning Department: Rod Garrett

Overview: Duane “Big Bear” Hoover, Larry Harvey
Emergency Services/Comm: Joseph Pred
Playa Operations and Training: Ranger Bob
Gate: Jeff “Mr. Freeze” Oushani
Safety and Survival: Michael Michael, Larry Harvey

Overview: Nicole Maron
Directory Project report: Joe Cordes
System Administation: Rob Miller
Database: Joe Cordes
Extranet: Nicole Maron
Desktop Support: Nicole Maron

AfterBurn Production Team Harley K. Dubois, Marian Goodell, Larry Harvey, Andie Kopp, Will Roger

David Talley
Kelly Saturno aka Swervegirl
Molly Ditmore aka Mollygolightly

AfterBurn Web Team
AfterBurn Web Dominatrix: Nicole Maron
AfterBurn Pixel Pusher: Dave Laplante
HTML Markup: Haunani Pao, Dusty, Dave Marr, Tom Kapanka
AfterBurn Content Review: Carla Detchon, Andie Kopp,
Marian Goodell and the Burning Man Web Team
Link Checking and Moral Support: Jim Graham aka Ronjon
Factual assistance: Bob Stahl

AfterBurn Survey
Marian Goodell, Nicole Maron, Tom Kapanka, Molly Tirpak, John Davidson, Haunani Pao

Goddess in Charge of All Things “AfterBurn” for Ten Arduous Weeks of Production and Implementation/ Rock Star in Residence: Andie Kopp, Actiongrl