Material Culture

Burning Man participants love to make gifts! And we love to collect and archive them.

Over the past year, we’ve received dozens of items in the mail. We create images for reference for our online Playa Artifacts archives and store the original objects. The online archives now contain images of 665 items, displayed by category and year. To contribute Items, follow the instructions in the FAQ on each page of the gallery. Many of these objects also reside at our offices in our physical archives, including buttons, stickers, patches, lighters and matches, jewelry, zines and booklets, postcards, temporary tattoos, bumper stickers, laminates, magnets, clothing, coins, bills, posters, ceramics, and glassware.

As always, we received many items on the playa in 2004, when participants dropped them off at the Artery or placed them in the Material Culture box. Whether by mail or playa drop-off, we are happy to receive your items and to add them to our archives.

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