In 2007, Department of Public Works (DPW) experienced a challenging year. With the much-needed Greening of the event, this department felt the full brunt of the change. While it was difficult reconfiguring the streamlined infrastructure DPW had come to know, it was also very rewarding, educational, and environmentally responsible. Many of the implemented changes were so valuable they will become standard operating procedures for the DPW.

Once again, the little town of Gerlach, Nevada hosted the DPW. Both the department’s staff and volunteer crew lived, worked, and played there. As the DPW’s presence in Gerlach has grown, we have put more energy into managing Burning Man’s Nevada properties. These consist of Black Rock Station (a work ranch situated in the Hualapai Valley, a few miles beyond the event site on Route 34), business offices, and the Black Rock Social Club in Gerlach. Without these properties, DPW would struggle to complete the task of building Black Rock City. 2007 was the fourth year that DPW staff have lived in Gerlach.

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