Playa Safety

The Playa Safety Council is an umbrella organization for departments involved in ensuring safety on the playa, including leaders of the Rangers, Gate/Perimeter, Law Enforcement Liaison (LEAL), Exodus, Department of Mutant Vehicles, and Emergency Services.  Through the PSC, they share information about internal developments and forge consensus on all major safety decisions with inter-departmental impacts.

The Playa Safety Council is running smoothly. Each Department faced its own challenges of scale, but the Council worked well as an overarching entity.

The Development Director was able to step away from Chairing the Council meetings and appointed an alternate to serve in her absence. Some meetings were even cancelled due to lack of content- that’s a well-oiled machine!

Our largest concern both historically and currently, has been related to scalability of the event, relevant to population growth. Our post-event Cooperators continue to meet with outside agencies to address this issue.

Submitted by,
Harley K. DuBois