BEST YEAR EVER!!!! 2008 was an amazing year for the Department of Public Works. Everything ran smoothly, efficiently, and on schedule. This was greatly appreciated by the DPW crew, especially after the very trying year that was 2007.

While not all the greening efforts from 2007 stuck, many of the implemented changes were very valuable and they became part of the standard operating procedures for the DPW.  Even though the Black Rock City was designed to be significantly bigger, DPW maintained the size of the labor force, and still managed to set up and strike the city on the same schedule.

2008 was our fifth year of housing the setup staff in the small town of Gerlach, NV.  If it weren’t for the myriad Nevada Properties available to our crew, there’s no way the DPW could pull off making the Black Rock City happen in the timely fashion that it does. The DPW logistics team has enough to do without the added challenge of creative storage for the equipment and materials used to construct Black Rock City.

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Playground and HazMatt