In 2008, the seven(ish)-person Dispatch team continued its storied tradition of monitoring multiple radio channels from their 40-foot semi-trailer at the DPW Depot to provide support and coordination services to many operational departments within Black Rock City, the work ranch [LINK to nevada props report] and the Gerlach office.

The team once again had responsibility for emergency services dispatch prior to and following the event.

The erection of a new, stand-alone radio tower behind the Depot made some forms of communication more reliable this year which was a blessing.

Interdepartmental cross-pollination continued to create increased communication and understanding of the operations of Black Rock City. Our primary overnight Dispatcher also served as an emergency services Dispatcher, another of our Dispatchers keeps a high level Commissary staff member very happy, and several Dispatchers turned to in response to a radio call for more bodies by Gate.

Heavy Equipment and Transportation

At the start of each event season, The Burning Man Transportation Team embarks on a mission to move our entire event infrastructure from Burning Man’s storage and production facility to the event site on the playa. Two crews stood ready to face the daunting challenges this effort always presents, resulting in the successful completion of the complex logistics involved.

Upon arrival on the playa, The Transportation Team and The Support Services Team coordinate with every operational department to facilitate the correct placement of assets, infrastructure, and art installations that are utilized for the event. As with every other year, this challenging task was met by veterans and newcomers alike, and the result was a resounding success with all goals met in an exceptionally timely manner.

The 2008 Support Services Team was heavily utilized, helping many artists to complete vast and complicated art installations on the playa. The dedicated members of this team worked around the clock in the face of several dust storms, complicated logistics, and the usual intense heat that we all face on the playa.

The 2008 Transportation Team fielded more over the road service requests than in past years, and was successful in providing these services, deploying through the dust to assist with the full gamut of infrastructure needs before, during and after the event.

After the event, Transportation and Support Services worked together to execute a quick and thorough breakdown of the city’s infrastructure, paving the way for the Playa Restoration Crew to close out this year’s season with clockwork precision once again, ensuring that all goals were met as a team.

Submitted by,

Jonathan Gevas and Palmer Parker