Bus Depot

The new and improved (and downsized) Bus Depot opened for business on Wednesday of Burn week, and continued service through Saturday (Burn day). Based on rising costs and decreasing ridership in past few years, we chose to eliminate the hourly, full-size buses chartered in the past, and negotiated for a nice 14-passenger air-conditioned passenger van. A 4′ x 8′ trailer was towed behind this vehicle to accommodate bicycles, flat tires, and supplies purchased in Gerlach and Empire.

Once again, our vendor?s drivers and personnel provided first class service, and a safe round trip for our riders! They also served as knowledgeable tour guides, updating Burners with valuable information, while maintaining a calm and happy demeanor.

DPW set the tone for our depot and crew, with timely and efficient building of the shade structures, benches and bike racks that serve our customers well. The ticket booth was placed perfectly, just off the corner of 6 o?clock and the outer wheel, making it visible and easy to access.

Placement department gave us perfect placement directly across from our newly-made friends at the Black Rock Roller Disco. It was truly a week to remember, and we thank you!

We ran four shuttles each day, at two hour intervals on the hour. The empty seats from previous years were gone. Every shuttle was completely sold out except just one ? where thirteen of fourteen seats were filled. If there was one thing that some ticket buyers did not like, it was the fact we could not sell tickets in advance. However, next bus tickets were sold immediately following departure of every shuttle.

The Bus Depot volunteers were slightly fewer in numbers this year, due to the decreased schedule. Unfortunately the no shows were much higher for some reason, but once again much praise for Depot campers who took up the slack, and filled the shifts!

Special thanks to a certain individual for gifting and distributing official T-shirts for all of our working personnel. We look forward to seeing our hearty volunteers on the Playa in 2010.

Submitted by,
Jim Wierzba