Playa Safety

2009 opened with a leadership change for the Playa Safety Council. The LLC/Board member in charge of Playa Safety Council (PSC) created and filled a PSC Manager position, delegating most of the PSC responsibilities to the new manger. The new manager chairs the monthly PSC meetings, and oversees and works with the management teams for the DMV, Gate Perimeter & Exodus, and the Rangers.

The Department of Mutant Vehicles had another year of success and improvements, seeing its smoothest operations to date both on and off playa. Of special note, they instituted the Historical Vehicle category of Mutant Vehicles, so that they could continue to license some of the playa’s first and most influential Mutants.

The Gate, Perimeter & Exodus department saw some transition in leadership near the beginning of the year, and responded by forming a council leadership structure. They finished the year with successful operations on all fronts, and saw some marked improvements in some areas of operations.

The Rangers had another successful year both on and off playa, seeing the rewards of the 2008 restructuring. At the end of 2009, the Rangers leadership also saw some significant leadership transitions, with new leadership opening the path to an exciting and positive future.

The Emergency Services Department continued to hone its fine-tuned organization, and put another smooth and successful year behind it.