Can this be said every year or does it get old? BEST YEAR EVER – AGAIN!!!! 2010 was yet another amazing year for the Department of Public Works.

2010 saw the same size city as 2009, with the addition of two new plazas all thanks to the efforts of thePlanning Department.

The DPW labor force maintained its same size as last year.  Even though there were two additional plazas, the size of the city didn’t change so there was no need to increase our labor pool.  And we’re happy to report that crew morale was at an all-time high.

The DPW once again enjoyed the four additional days on the front end of the work schedule – even with this added time, the Fence crew managed to set up in a record time!  Having ample time during both setup and clean-up really helps with morale.  Due to the wet winter in 2009/2010, the playa surface was packed well which helped the setup crews.  The cleanup crews were run off the playa before they could finish the job so the inspection that normally falls after the event has been pushed to the spring.  And that’s only if the lake has dried up by then.

The logistics teams experienced some hiccups this year with the introduction of the Vendor process.  Thesanitation and bikes crews had stellar showings in 2010.

We continue to enjoy the generous hospitality of the citizens of Gerlach, NV while we live there during setup and cleanup, and while we conduct our year-round operations on the many properties owned by Burning Man.