Key Successes:

  •  Successful year. Up-staffing meant no calls for emergency back-up staffing
  •  Volunteer Coordinators: departure and arrival
  •  More trainings and a new manual via scheduling system
  • Collation team challenges and triumph
  •  Number and blend of campers at Greeters Camp
  •  400 Greeter volunteers met or exceeded needs, role breakdown.

2011 was a successful year for Greeters.  In fact 2011 was the first year in many,  when there were no emergency call-outs for Greeters from Greeters Camp to fill in for no-shows at Greeters Station. We believe that this was due to the increase of the number of Greeters per shift.

In 2011 we said farewell to our long-time volunteer coordinator, and welcomed a great new one. There were new and additional trainings for Metas and Leads.  Trainings were held on-playa both pre and during the event.  These trainings were very successful.  A new Greeters Training manual was also developed and distributed to all Greeters via the Greeters scheduling system.

The Greeters early team of collators and station builders arrived on-playa on Saturday August 20th. Even with resource and infrastructure challenges, collation and building was completed in a timely manner.

Greeters Camp hosted approximately 95 campers.  Plenty of new campers blended well with the old-timers.  Setup and teardown of both Greeters Station and Greeters Camp went smoothly.

There were more than 400 Greeter Volunteers welcoming home the 2011 participants of Black Rock City.  Our schedule calls for four Metas, 15 Leads and 150 Greeters per day.  In 2011, these numbers were either met or exceeded. Greeting began 247 at noon on Thursday August 25th.  Greeters station closed at midnight on Friday September 2nd.

Another great year for the greeting, the smiling faces of Burning Man.

Submitted by,
Deb Stiers AKA Topless Deb
Greeters Project Manager