DPW Logistics


The Dispatch trailer, affectionately known as 4508, suffered extensive water damage in 2010.  Thanks to the solid effort of a small team working at our production facility, 4508 lives again with a beautiful and functional refit.

Dispatch monitors multiple radio channels to provide support and coordination services to many departments within Black Rock City (as well as Black Rock Station and the Gerlach office). Dispatch staff is integral in helping many Depot and DPW services including receiving and all forms of fuel.

Radio communication in 2011 was something of a challenge thanks to new FCC regulations, a solar flare and a lightning strike!  The show, however, must go on.

Heavy Equipment and Transportation (HEaT)

Once again, Heavy Equipment and Transportation moved tons of equipment from Black Rock Station to Black Rock City.  This Herculean task takes place over just a few days in early August and then happens in reverse before the middle of September!

Due to a change in management, many changes were afoot in 2011 for HEaT and the crew continued to function at a high level of professionalism. A new training regime and departmental structure was implemented in 2011 and bodes well for the future.

Support Services Camp continues to enjoy its location on the Esplanade, particularly the easy access to the open playa for the various pieces of machinery. The camp was spruced up in 2011 with the addition of a flaming basketball hoop.

Power Grid

2011 saw a 25% increase in power distribution and cabling.  With a larger city, we have longer runs of cable and all associated hardware.  Some 21 generators were used to power Center Camp, the outposts, the Man platform, the airport, DPW Depot and other locations throughout Black Rock City.  We continue to try and optimize fuel consumption by consolidating infrastructure needs such that a single large generator can take the place of many smaller units.

This is the third year the Department of Public Works has handled power distribution in-house; we rent miles of cable, pallets of spider boxes, crates of adapters and install everything ourselves, with great success.

Submitted by,
Matt Morgan