Welcome to Burning Man headquarters! Our year-round office in San Francisco is a buzzing hive of activity, with several floors housing Office Staff personnel ranging from the on-playa teams to Administration and Facilities, through Ticketing, Regionals, Communications, Accounting, Human Resources, and on and on. Oh, and not to mention, Art! We’ve settled in well after our move, and the offices are looking like home now. Much effort has been expended in bringing out art and artifacts from previous years and placing them on display for visitors and staff to enjoy. Behind the scenes, our Administration team works to support all this activity. We call this group The A-Team.

During the past year, the A-Team has seen a great deal of growth. As the Burning Man movement grows around the world, the people driving our mission find themselves needing support in order to do all they need to do! The A-Team – composed of the Facilities support crew, as well as Human Resources, the cadre of Administrative Assistants, and the Office Manager – has increased in number in order to fill all those needs. In our weekly meetings, we strategize how to best further the greater mission of the Burning Man organization by supporting the teams that grow Black Rock City each year, help bring Regional events to fruition, and keep the home fires burning.