Bus Depot

Another challenging year for the Depot crew, as some harsh and inclement weather returned to the Playa in 2012. Ridership took a hit this year as one major whiteout cancelled half of one day’s rides to Gerlach and Empire. Another half day was lost due to a missing child alert, and an untimely miscommunication with Gate personnel.

Major props to our Shuttle Bus vendor for clean and efficient coaches, as well as respectful drivers to service our customers. Placement put us in the most desirable location to passengers and our crew – the same as the year before. DPW set up the Depot with ample shade and benches for the admiring public, and their efficiency never goes unnoticed.

Shuttle service once again started at 10am on Wednesday through Friday, and subsequently every 2 hours after, with the last coach leaving at 4pm. Saturday’s shuttle schedule was the same except last bus departed at 2pm.

Riders were courteous and fun-loving as always, and two individuals made the trip daily like clockwork. One would have thought with a number of new Burners on the Playa this year, that rides might have increased due to them being somewhat unprepared. This however was not the case, as they were obviously informed and heeded all warnings.

Submitted by,
Jim Wierzba