2012 Cash Expenditures


Event-related expenditures:
BLM and other usage fees


Rental Equipment (heavy machinery, portable buildings, staff radio gear, cars and trucks)


Toilets (and related costs)


Honoraria provided to artists


Local Agencies (County law enforcement, Paiute Nation, Nevada Highway Patrol)


Materials and Supplies (shade structures, signage, lighting, décor, cleaning supplies, photography, archiving)


Cost of Goods for Ice, Café and Merch sales


Watering for dust abatement (equipment rental, contractor services)


Ticket sales/processing/printing fees paid to outside ticketing firm


The Man and Platform (materials, pyrotechnics, technicians, labor)


Medical Services and Supplies


Fire Safety




Small Equipment and Tools (including radio comm equip, safety & signage)


Printing (newsletter, survival guide, gate materials, postcards, stickers)


Vehicles (registration, repair, and maintenance)


Equipment Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning


Costumes / Uniforms


Fees, Agency permits, royalties, Damages & Losses


Total event-related expenditures


Expense Categories that include both Event-related and Organizational:


Outside Services: Independent contractors


Insurance (property, liability, workers comp, vehicle)


Tax and Licenses (state and federal, payroll, misc)


Meals and Food (meetings, playa commissary, non travel)


Total Expense Categories that include both Event-related and Organizational


Total Outreach Expenses – Off-Playa Events, Regionals, Other


Year-round Expenditures of the Managing Corporation:
Outside Services (legal, consultants, accounting)


Facilities Rent


Travel (airfare, mileage reimbursements, food while traveling, accommodations for meetings, agency relations, public relations, training, etc)


Office and Computer Supplies


Utilities (San Francisco and Nevada)


Donations to local Nevada schools and organizations




Internet (hosting fees, POP accounts, high speed line)


Telephone (San Francisco and Nevada Offices, reimbursements, conference calls)


Shipping / Freight


Gifts, Promotions


Education and Training




Total year-round Expenditures of the Managing Corporation


Expenditures for Fixed Assets:


Computers and Electronics (including radio equipment)


Machinery and Equipment


Trailers and Portable Buildings


Land and Building Improvements


Furniture and Fixtures


Total Expenditures for Fixed Assets $444,631

Total Expenditures – 2012