Bus Depot

After a very successful seven-year run, the 2013 Bus Depot returned under new leadership. Along with a new manager, the Depot had almost a whole new crew of volunteers. The service camp had received 21 positive replies for volunteering at the Depot, and we there was a 50/50 split between those wanting to live at the Depot camp and those choosing to live elsewhere. We had a few no-shows but the remaining volunteers stepped up and filled in the gaps. Thanks go out to the few “oldies” who shined as guides helping all the first-timers get used to Depot duties.

The buses arrived on time, as the weather was just about perfect. The drivers were all easy going, yet strict about safety and rules of the road — true professionalism. One safety issue is the discharge of passengers onto D Street traffic. We hope to remedy this next year by allowing room for the buses to get closer to the area in front of the Depot, which should be an easy fix. Most riders to the other world sought out phone service. This replaced cigarettes and beer as last year’s number one reason to leave Black Rock City.

The camp was a little different in setup this time as one new volunteer brought along their large and awesome teepee, bar, and shade structure, along with its accompanying bowling alley. Plans are being discussed to use the community tent as a potential seating and dance hall alongside the tepee.

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