2013 was yet another amazing year for the Department of Public Works.

Black Rock City maintained the same city size as 2012, keeping the :15 and :45 streets throughout the back blocks that were introduced in 2011. These blocks help with traffic planning as well as emergency services. Read the report from the Planning Department.

The DPW labor force grew by more than 10% in 2013. The Man Pavilion project alone increased by 30%. Crew morale was at an all-time high.

The fence team never ceases to be amazing. The 9.2 mile fence is installed in a single day. Setting records like this during setup and clean-up  really helps with morale. Our clean-up team killed it this year and the playa was cleaner than ever – we passed with our best inspection to date!!!

DPW logistics had another stellar year in 2013. They lived up to their same standards of excellence. The sanitation team rocked it as usual, and the bikes team had another change in management this year.

We continue to enjoy the generous hospitality of the citizens of Gerlach, NV while we live there during setup and cleanup periods, and while we conduct our year-round operations on the many properties owned by Burning Man.