Nevada Properties/Black Rock Station Work Ranch

The Nevada Properties are one of the key elements in creating Black Rock City for the Burning Man event. They include Black Rock Station (the event production facility), The Gerlach Burning Man Office, The Black Rock Social Club, and the Gerlach Pool Property. Burning Man event production staff use these properties for administration, operations, equipment and supply storage, prefabrication, and living support.

Nevada Properties:

Black Rock Station continues to expand its capabilities as the event production facility; as the event grows so does the demands on the properties. Beginning in late spring and ending in late fall, Black Rock Station and the rest of the properties are filled with workers from various Burning Man departments, busy with the annual task of creating the infrastructure for Black Rock City. Under construction this year were the usual major projects: the Pavilion, the Burning Man, portable housing units, portable offices, signage for the streets and roads, fleet maintenance, yellow bicycle maintenance, and various department inventories and equipment upgrades.

Hundreds of assorted tasks were completed expertly by the properties staff, common shop, auto shop, metal shop, sign shop, bike shop, and various department staff, on time and safely. Building Black Rock City from scratch each year and making it go completely away is no simple task. The staff shows remarkable fortitude in getting this done under harsh desert conditions each year.

The Gerlach properties continue to be used heavily before and after the event. For the first time we established a bunk house at the Gerlach Pool property to house the ever expanding work force. The Gerlach office was filled with activity and the Social Club was the place to be after hours.

We are also happy to introduce our new Nevada Properties Manager, Lisa Nash and her husband, the Nevada Properties Superintendent, Mike Nash. We expect they will perform expertly in their new roles. Welcome aboard!

Hats off to Quinn Yarborough for doing an excellent job in this role for many years. Good luck to him in all his future endeavors.

Submitted by,
Will Roger