Burners Without Borders

Burners Without Borders Camp 2013: Esplanade and 3:45

The deep well of creativity that permeates every atom of the Burning Man event is inescapable and alive with possibility. Together, for one-week we have the opportunity to co-create one of the most innovative communities on the planet. Burners Without Borders Camp strives to create a fun, interactive public space that harnesses the inspiration felt by participants on-playa and channels that inspiration into tangible projects that make a difference off-playa. Because it is important to have fun while you are changing the world, we do this under the backdrop of amazing live music and a wildly popular screen-printing booth.

BWB Convenes Creativity by Hosting Daily Salons

Hosting conversations that can make a difference is the purpose of BWB’s daily salons. At Burning Man we all have an opportunity to practice what it is like to fully participate in creating community. Because of this, Burning Man is the ideal place to gather people together to share their passions and develop tangible action items that can be taken quickly. Harnessing the creativity that is ever present enables a different kind of conversation to emerge — a conversation that is deeply connected to a larger network of support that is available wherever people may live in the world.

Celebrating BWB’s Successes

Many projects have emerged over the years from participants strolling by BWB Camp and becoming inspired by the photographs displayed that represent all of the recent projects initiated by the community. We had a lot to celebrate this year including:

  • Gifting $3 million of debris removal NJ Sandy survivors
  • Creating a screen printing business with marginalized artists in Haiti
  • Developing a successful complimentary currency program in the biggest slum in Mombasa, Kenya
  • Providing funding for 15 community initiatives through BWB’s yearly grant program

Wednesday Night Change Maker’s Dinner

This is the second year BWB has hosted our Change Maker’s Dinner honoring individuals who are making a real difference in their communities. Fifty incredible leaders were invited to participate, tackling challenges related to the environment, social justice, poverty, and community wellness to name just a few. Inspiring conversations led to new collaborations, and we look forward to continue hosting this dinner next year.

Big Changes for 2014!

This year, dedicated volunteers gave BWB Camp a facelift with the construction of a beautiful new stage that hosted live music throughout the week. For 2014, we are working with Greg Fleishman, 2013 temple designer/builder, to create an inviting public space to hold our daily salons and enable the screen printing artists to have more room to work their magic.

Get In Touch Year-Round

If you would like to get in touch with BWB year-round, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at: projects@burnerswithoutborders.org

A special thank you to all of the musicians, performers and volunteers that made BWB Camp a raging success this year. You have given a beautiful gift from your heart to the playa, and it made all the difference in what we were able to pull off. Much gratitude to all of you!

Submitted by,

Carmen Mauk