1995 Art Installations

Camera Obscura

by: Chris de Monterey
year: 1995

A labyrinth housed within a white pyramid leads to a central chamber where a hidden lens projects a vivid panorama of the world outside upon a concave screen.

Fire Lingam

by: Pepe Ozan
year: 1995

Pepe’s third lingam is a 30′ tall earthen chimney surrounded by several small lingams with yonis at their bases, adorned by slithering serpent-like “linguini.”

It Came from Within

by: Vince Koloski
year: 1995

Neon tubing six inches above the playa surface forms a 135′ X 75′ line drawing.

Little Men

by: Steve Yonkman
year: 1995

Small multi-colored neon burning men and palm trees sprout from the playa.


by: the LA Cacophony Society
year: 1995

In this realization of your fondest childhood dreams of destruction, happy elves operate erector-set crematoriums, stuffed animals smolder on rotisseries, and the funny little Jack-in-the-box spews fire.

Water Woman

by: Ray Cirino
year: 1995

A tall wooden female figure is the source of a shower, which sprays from between her legs.