1998 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

Air Hug

by: Anthony Bondi
year: 1998

The Brainwasher is like a drive-through carwash; but for people, and without a conveyor belt, and dry. It is a very large tickler.

Chapel of the Burning Book

by: Finley Fryer
year: 1998

Finley Fryer and crew bring us a 2-story temple of recycled plastic collected by the residents of their town, Dunsmuir, CA. Illuminated from within, the Chapel appears to be made of stained glass and provides a reference point for night-time playa travellers. Its second-floor stage hosts spoken-word and musical performance.
URL: www.snowcrest.net/finleyfryer/


by: Michael Pedroni
year: 1998

Last year’s CD sculpture returns in a more complex form, with several layers of CD curtains.

Fire Thistle

by: Thomas R. Glass, Dirk B. Anderson, Eric P. Johnson, and others.
year: 1998

A large metal thistle emits flames at night.

Full Moon

by: Michael Light
year: 1998

Walk along plexiglas-covered photo blow-ups of NASA journeys to the moon and imagine you are there.

Haunted Junk

by: Steve Heck
year: 1998

Far out on the playa a mysterious boat is mired in the frozen sands of Lake Lahonton. It is made of fire salvage including pianos and burnt TV sets, and it tows two rowboats, one full of water and one full of Epsom salts, where the weary traveller may relieve playa-worn feet.

le Boeuf Gras d'Or

by: Mystic Krewe of Satyrs
year: 1998

New Orleans’ Mystic Krewe of Satyrs brings a Mardi-Gras style float to the playa – a large golden bull, an ancient symbol of carnival.

Oil Derrick

by: Woodpussy
year: 1998

This neon-embellished tower marks the spot where a rich vein of oil beneath the playa is thought to exist. When drilling commences, it is feared that a vein of Hell might be opened by mistake, unleashing all sorts of dangerous pyrotechnics.

One Tree

by: Dan Das Mann
year: 1998

“Its bountiful waters rained upon the people like a fountain of youth. Its fire lights gently burned throughout its branches as a beacon calling all lost souls to be born again in the new-found promised land. He shared his can of beans with this lost tribe in the desert and soon knew he would never again return to a place like Dallas. He had finally come home.”

Orbicular Affect

by: Chris Campbell
year: 1998

This year the Burning Man will be surrounded by four 6-foot diameter wooden spheres mounted on tripods fashioned from tree trunks. They will be ignited at the Burn on Sunday night.

Sacred Grove and Wheel of Faith

by: $teven Ra$pa
year: 1998

An interactive installation by Steven Raspa exploring the overlap among various popular vehicles for faith. Part of a continuing project designed to create an opportunity for participants to examine where they place their faith and to provide an opportunity for them to hope, pray, wish and dream.


by: Michael Taluc
year: 1998

Long red fabric banners are suspended from forty foot towers in this wind-driven installation.


year: 1998

A scale model of the solar system 1 kilometer across. Visit the planets by bicycle or foot!

Strip Mall #1

by: Kal Spelletich and Seemen, Christian Ristow and Morgan
year: 1998

This strip mall of interactive machine art includes: The Big Snapping BBQ, the Whiring Dervish, the jet engine, the Goddess w/flaming uterus, Skeletor, Sisyphus, and the Jesus fountain and waterfall.

Surpu Masa - the ScapeGoat

year: 1998

A large wooden goat travels the playa and receives the sins of participants for which they seek forgiveness. Bear witness as the goat carries your sins to the fiery perdition where they belong.

Temple of Rudra

by: Pepe Ozan
year: 1998

Pepe Ozan’s annual opera takes place on this sculpture/stage set with its four towers surrounded by large insect-headed dancing figures, the Rudras.
URL: www.burningmanopera.com

Tesla Coil

by: Greg Leyh
year: 1998

An 18-foot Tesla coil, courtesy of Greg Leyh, will generate branching lightning bolts.

Very Large Array

by: Aaron Ferucci
year: 1998

Frequency and amplitude strive for modulation in Aaron Ferucci’s Very Large Array. UFO’s may land; your aural fovea will reveal unsuspected competencies.

Water Boy

by: Marque Kornblatt
year: 1998

A transparent water-filled bag in the shape of a human is suspended from a metal frame. Artist Marque Kornblatt enters the bag and becomes Waterboy, communicating with visitors via a breathing tube.

Water Woman

by: Ray Cirino
year: 1998

This year Water Woman stands guard at a circus tent which contains a large swimming pool. Participants must shed their clothes and pass between her legs to gain entrance to the tent.