2003 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

Arc of Reflection

by: Amy Stabler
year: 2003

A 20′ tall arc of mirrors appears as a shimmering waterfall of light.

Audio Vortex

by: Vulgaricus Gasket
year: 2003

A five by five foot structure contains six speakers that turn on and off successively in a counter-clockwise direction.

Banc d'Kali-Mammon

by: Laurence Cook
year: 2003

Each side of this interactive dollar sign sculpture presents a different aspect of the expressions of money.

Bee on the Leaf

by: Andrew Gledhill
year: 2003

Two chairs, thirty feet apart, face a framed vine leaf on which a bee rests.

Bell Tree

by: Sara Chieco
year: 2003

Numerous ceramic bells of varying shapes and sizes will hang from a wooden tree-like structure, and will produce an ever-changing unified song. Participants can put their names on their bell of choice and take it away on Sunday.


by: Aaron Baum
year: 2003

A kinesthetic public instrument sited in Arctica uses pressure sensors and giant inflated balls to create bounce-driven music and lights. Boing learns your rhythm and responds to your every move when you are on the ball.

Celebration of Agni

by: Bryan Burke
year: 2003

A 3000′ outline figure of the man is made of trays filled with a combustible mixture that burns for twenty minutes. It will be photographed and videotaped from the air by camera carrying skydivers.


by: Jenine Hilaire
year: 2003

This winged silver female figure reaches up to the heavens.


by: Anne Kayser
year: 2003

Arranged in sets or small groups suggesting psychological relationships, these chairs offer a place to sit and ponder their meaning.

Chamber of Her Brightest Secrets

by: Anakin Koenig
year: 2003

An inflatable structure surrounded by scaffolding is used as reflector for the strobe lights inside. Their frequency is defined by motion sensors that record the activity inside the Chamber. Video cameras record images inside the Chamber and send the signal to Reorient’s video matrix. The result is projected onto Reorient’s dome.
URL: www.akairways.com/chamber.shtml


by: Larry Breed
year: 2003

A ball of fire floats, swoops and spirals through the playa night. It’s the Chaotick, a flaming tetherball inspired by an antique clock escapement.

Cluster Bombs on the Black Rock Desert

by: A. Ehren Tool
year: 2003

808 ceramic cups are placed in a grid defining the footprint of four CBU-87 cluster bombs (200m x 1600m). Four is the number of cluster bombs that one A10 attack plane can carry. The artist wants to share the unreal experience of serving in the US military, being aware of the destruction of which America is capable, and then coming home to a country that is totally removed from that reality.

Cosmic Barometer

by: Ron Seivertson
year: 2003

A twelve foot tall steel figure with movable head and arm functions like a weathervane and reacts to cosmic activities.


by: Quentin Davis
year: 2003

Inside a 10′ long croissant is an intricately sculpted alien city made of plaster, with lights and sound. The Croissant is victory over the forces of evil. We are tiny but powerful – come and visit us in the mothership.


by: Nick Ray
year: 2003

A life sized female nude atop a pyramid swings a lamp and dances.

Desert Flower

by: Robert Sturm
year: 2003

The Desert Flower is a memorial to a friend named Court Demas. Twenty feet high and twenty feet across, its petals radiate out from a long wooden stamen protruding from the center.

Dragons of Eden

by: Steve Hosking
year: 2003

This fanciful dragon has multiple stainless steel heads which form a 16′ diameter circle around its body. The heads sing, chomp and breathe fire to dragon music.


by: Will Atkinson
year: 2003

Out in the deep playa a working drinking fountain awaits the traveller.

El Diablo

by: Jack Schroll
year: 2003

The heart of El Diablo is a jet engine from a French military fighter jet, circa 1964, mounted on a boat trailer with outriggers. As the engine roars, colored flames are produced. Ear protection is provided for anyone who wants to be close to the unit while in operation.

Enchanted Forest

by: Ray Lewis
year: 2003

Eight flourescent blue trees glow in this eerie blacklight forest.

ETOE Windmill for Enlightenment

by: Taylor Vignali
year: 2003

A study in alternative energy, this pyramid-like windmill incorporates wind, solar, and human power to create light.

The Eye

by: Ryon Gesink
year: 2003

A metal arch supports a large flaming eye which sweeps the playa with its spotlight vision.
URL: www.theshipyard.org/who/ryon.html


by: Craig Southard
year: 2003

The words FEAR and LESS are drawn in ground charcoal on the playa at a scale of 1000 square feet. They are drawn in reverse one point perspective so that when seen from a viewing stand 20 yards away, they appear to float upright against the landscape.

Fire Grid

by: Lee Chubb
year: 2003

The Fire Grid, an experiment in gestural control of flame, is an 8 by 8 foot grid of flamethrowers controlled by a computer with a pressure sensitive tablet. The grid itself is made of copper, brass, and silver pipe. The system allows you to draw in flame, and translates your touch and pressure into their equivalent in fire.
URL: www.firegrid.com/sitePlan2003.jpg

Gloria Caeli

by: Jonathan Wolfe
year: 2003

A 90,000-cubic-foot tiedyed hot-air balloon is inflated and tethered for nightglows, and flies above Black Rock City in the early morning hours whenever the winds permit.
URL: www.sky-dyes.com/pictures.html

Grandma Dorothy's Playhouse

by: Tracy Ericson, Erin Hawkins, Jill Paglicho and David Shelhart
year: 2003

This little white house with brown roof and green window frames honors Grandma Dorothy.

Hyperbolic Immersion

by: Zachary Triesman
year: 2003

This unruly surface is a manifestation of non-Euclidan geometry and the emergence of chaos from mathematical order. Sevenfold hyperbolic symmetry plays foil to the spherical geodesic patterns of the city, and its intrinsic finiteness suggests life.
URL: www.math.washington.edu/~treisman/hyperbolic_immersion/


by: Scott Gasparian
year: 2003

These voice-reactive mandalas of light respond to your voice with intricate patterns.

Illumination Project #20

by: Charlie Gadeken
year: 2003

This length of painted canvas flutters above the playa surface and goes up in flames.
URL: www.burningart.com

Lahontan Wagon

by: Marshall Elliott
year: 2003

Talismanic poles surround a disabled car wrapped in burnt cloth and rope.

Laser Cage

by: Joshua Schrier
year: 2003

An ultrasound motion-detector triggered triangular ‘cage’ of laser light, made visible by ambient dust, waits on the open playa to snare unsuspecting wanderers. Upon entering the cage area, laser pointers are turned on in sequence, enclosing the triangular area and its inhabitants.
URL: homepage.mac.com/jschrier/burningman/laser_cage/

Lincolnshire Poacher

by: Noah Lang
year: 2003

Whimsical ‘broadcasting and receiving’ antennas in a field emit transmissions of numbers stations. Numbers stations appear on the short wave radio band and are encoded meesages used by governments to communicate with undercover field agents.

Meditate and Levitate Dream Catcher

by: Mike Maung and Arthur Rudiak
year: 2003

An el-wire dream catcher glows in the dark playa night.

Oh NO!

by: Mark Bradford
year: 2003

A nine foot stainless steel, copper and brass figure bends in a playful salute.

Op Wheel

by: Nelson Lacey
year: 2003

A black and white spiral is created by spinning a wooden wheel.

Phoenguin Rising From The Ashes

by: Stephen Lynn
year: 2003

A 10′ wood and metal sculpture of a Penguin stands in the traditional pose of the Phoenix.

A Place to Stand

by: Bob Marzewski
year: 2003

A hollow 8′ fiberglass world globe is spun by the action of participants running inside of it.


by: Dave Galat
year: 2003

A 900 square foot pyramid made of skinned and latticed wood is enhanced by lighting and projected visuals.

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

by: David Madison
year: 2003

A life-size version of the old Mattel game contains two 8-foot tall robot skeletons on wheels within a boxing ring. Participants may enter and control the robots.
URL: davepics.com/Album/San_Francisco/2002-07-28.RockEm-SockEm_Robots/

Sharon's Missing

by: Michael Taluc
year: 2003

A 35 foot structure made of rectangular steel tubing, wood, and steel latticework contains bright, translucent red fabric panels. Each panel acts as a wind vane moving independently from the others.


by: Peter Hudson
year: 2003

This 3D zoetrope is a 16′ turntable with plaster cast swimmers mounted in sequential movement around the perimeter of the disc. When people start the turntable rotating, a strobe light flashes in sequence with the advancement of each piece, so that the figures appear to be swimming.


by: Cedar Goebel
year: 2003

This functional sculpture is meant to be climbed into so one may experience oneself in new ways.

Stream of Subconsciousness

by: Juan Thorp
year: 2003

Ten blue worms emerge from the playa surface.


by: Shirley Nachmana
year: 2003

Ropes, strings, cables and fabrics are stretched between the metal frames of two large nesting cubes, forming a spider’s web on which one may climb. Israeli video art is projected onto one of the fabric surfaces.
URL: www.lama-lo.co.il/Sukkah

Sunrise Station

by: David Van Brink
year: 2003

A BRC Imaginary Transit System entrance features a stairway which appears to lead down into the ground, and is enhanced by solar-powered lighting and recorded sound effects.
URL: www.omino.com/~poly/playa/sunrise_station_2003/

Time Teller

by: Michael Zwerg
year: 2003

A solar-powered sundial functions by night as well as by day. At night, 60 lamps arranged in a semi-circle illuminate the gnomon in the same manner as the sun by day.
URL: webzwerg.net/sundial/index_sundial.html

Trailer TrashMan

by: Richard Friedberg
year: 2003

Standing 12′ tall, he is the man of steel made from trailer park parts, and also functions as a pyrophone and a mesquite grill.
URL: www.trailertrashman.com

Vision Garden

by: Taco van Ieperen
year: 2003

A lovely garden features a tree surrounded by a bed of flowers and mythical animals. By day the creatures vanish into their dens and the flowers close to protect themselves from the harsh sun. At night, the flowers open and the creatures come out.
URL: members.shaw.ca/tacovan/garden/VisionGarden.html

Window to the Soul

by: Cali Mastny
year: 2003

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”

Year of the Snake

by: Jerico Woggon
year: 2003

Two snakes hide within a 138′ long wall of polka dotted blacklight paintings.

Yo' mama!

by: Panna Lossy and Carl Mears
year: 2003

A copper pipe, fiberglass and mosaic tile figure provides drinks to those who suckle at her breast.
URL: www.pbase.com/camears/telemama

Your Move

by: David Collins and Neil Webb
year: 2003

A small table containing a chess board is flanked by two chairs and an indicator of whose turn comes next in the game. Make your move and move on.