2006 Art Installations

Message Out of the Future

by: Jan Kriekels, Arne Quinze and the Uchronians (Belgium)
year: 2006

We descend to share beliefs and to show a sign of trust since in your Future there is no grief, no exile, no fear, no judgement, no internalization for once we will descend to you conscious souls and realize our biggest project ever we will create a pure organic shaped sculpture elegantly fashioned out of local pinewood — a glimpse of Utopia encompassing visions of your highest hopes Utopia as a radical framework measuring a floor span of 60 meters, 15 meters high with a circle of 30 meters in radius in the middle its extreme dimensions also display some fears — being without limits it will never be captured completely — but hey, we can’t give it all away.
Utopia constructed from beams with different lengths, nailed beam by beam, laid out from the floor inside the 3 tree-trunk elements sunlight dropping shadows inside of the structure, at night the light comes from the structure dropping its shadows in the surrounding area we choose beams as symbols of the human race like each individual on our planet, all with their unique traits it is the earthly expression of our inner sense of being, the immense form being inviting to others it is the core, the center to all others that seek warmth, it will serve as a potential to grow, opening all chakras, it will stimulate the purest form of inner sense.
URL: www.uchronians.org