2011 Theme Camps

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2023 Archive


NAACB (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Burners)

Our mission is to inform people of various ethnic backgrounds, mostly African Americans, about the burning man principles and culture. We invite them out and take them as our guest with us to burner events in New York, Washington DC, and Miami.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/naacburners/ Hometown: New York City

Nacho Campo

Come to Nacho Campo for Luchadors, Ceremony, and Fiesta. Warm by our fire, have a siesta or dance. Experience the art of culture, tradition, spirituality and pleasure in our wrestling ring…..you could be the next champion or a pants-less referee.

Hometown: Portland

Naked Heart

Naked Heart is devoted to the full embodiment of the divine feminine. We offer amazing experiential and experimental workshops that allow you to feel your feminine heart, your radiance, your inner goddess. This work requires the masculine as well; Everyone is welcome.

At Naked Heart we recognize the need to embrace both the light and the dark in our journeys. When we pursue the light we use movement, the senses, sensuality, sexuality and connection. This beckons us in and brings the light of awareness back into the bodies we have vacated. To go there fully requires confronting our shadows. We embrace those as well as we dive into shame, fear, anger, unsavory memories from this life and past lives, and disempowering images of our bodies. Welcome home.

URL: http://nakedheartcamp.com Hometown: Eugene

Nakked Zebra Bazaar

Nakked Zebra is a community theme camp that provides any and all burners (especially the virgins) the opportunity and access to outfits and items that help guide them to freely express themselves. We have several of our camp mates that dedicate the entire day to curate the boutique and encourage/guide each burner soul that enters the Bazaar to explore their true self expression. These items are truly a gift to the playa. As we all know, “the playa provides”. There will be all types of items available from simple accessories to full outfits. Maybe you forgot your coat, or that special Tu-Tu. We will have a “Tonne” of stuff but do encourage others to donate if they feel the need.

Hometown: Rocklin

Namaste & Chill

A compassionate community of dreamer-doers specializing in sacred spaces and heart-centered events. Join us for daily meditations, workshops, and tea/elixir service! Our meditation lounge is open 24 hours a day for sacred rest and connection.

URL: http://namasteandchill.org Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Name It Next Year Village

Name It Next Year Village is the home of NarCamp & Dreamers Complex. We create an awesome home so they can host awesome weddings & save some awesome people’s lives.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Nannas Kitchen

Hometown: Lincoln


NarCamp (formerly Bangers At Breakfast) will be leading Narcan 101 classes, serving to train individuals to respond to suspected opioid-overdoses on the playa. We are prepared to give out 6,000 doses of naloxone in total to those that take our short certification course.

The course only takes 5 minutes and will empower you to save a life.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Native Tongues

Native Tongues is home to veteran burners of all colors & backgrounds, brave Virgins who are seekers and people who love life to the fullest.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Nectar Village

Nectar Village is about you. It is about what you need….to survive, refuel and revitalize. Mind, body and spirit are all served, and you’ll find the Nectar you seek for any of them in the camps at our oasis. Offerings continuously from 10am-6pm

URL: http://nectarvillage.com Hometown: Boulder

Need A Minute

Sometimes you just need a minute. Need a Minute embodies childlike play, silliness, and free expression with experiential minutes, amazing music, and activities to connect with open-hearted friends and acquaintances. Stop by the Need a Minute Booth to spin the Wheel of Time and see what kind of minute is in your future. (is it really the minute you needed?) Or stop by our parties where we’ll be serving the very best minutes you’ll have all week.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are a throng of dome-dwelling miscreants, hooligans, bloviators, simps, warlocks, horse girls, diggerfish, and charlatans. As one of the aforementioned groups, your birthright compels you to complete the pilgrimage to the fabled land of Neodebauchery. A melange of tomfoolery new and old, Neodebauchery provides a welcoming space for weirdos of all creeds, colors, and degree of crustiness. Come gyrate to the soothing, yet somehow also abrasive melodies of our human-DJ chimeras, witness visual distortion unlike you have seen (since your last burn) with our procedurally generated Digital Domeflesh, and participate in our daily sinful activities.

Hometown: California Bay Area

Neon Amanita

Relax under the larger than life Neon Amanita mushroom and among the fungi forest. By day we offer shade from the hot sun and cold cucumber water in the neon lounge. At night, Neon Amanita glows in blacklight and transforms into a magical forest lounge with soft places to chill, ambient music, and black light body paint, if you so desire.

Hometown: Seattle

Neon Turtle Barcade

Neon Turtle Barcade is a retro gaming bar at Burning Man featuring nightly tournaments, specialty cocktails and prizes. Kid and parent friendly.

URL: http://neonturtlebarcade.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Nest of Magical Creatures

We celebrate the magic in every beautiful creature. We thrive on helping everyone discover the magic within themselves through art, activities and experiences that aid this process.

THE ESS MAGICAL CREATURE HALFWAY HOME cares for Stuffed Animals. Stuffies are magical creatures. Some had great upbringings (they were deeply loved), others were in very difficult situations (they never left the store, immediately donated). They share a common purpose to serve as an Emotional Support Stuffie (ESS) but were abandoned. We provide opportunities for Burners to encounter the ESS’s through facilitated interactions with trained docents. Encounters with the ESS’s can bring humans back into contact with their most wonderful childhood memories and can help the Stuffies move forward in their lives.

Hometown: Manhattan Beach

Never Never Camp

The place between sleep and awake. Home of the Second Bar to the Right and Wedding Chapel. Interested in getting married at Burning Man? Visit nevernevercamp.com and submit an application to have us help marry you at Black Rock City.

URL: http://nevernevercamp.com Hometown: San Francisco

Never Past Bedtime Land

Come by and take that iconic photo you’ve always wanted in front of the Trash Fence, without having to pedal to the actual Trash Fence!
We’ll dress you in HORRID DRAG and print you the photo.
Ice Cold Rosé, Trashy Snacks, and Daft Punk will be DJing!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Never Sleep Again

Electronic music and games, inspired by Berlin clubs and park parties. Our intimately designed dance floor surrounded by individually themed chill-spaces with beds, couches, and pillows invites you to lounge with us, dance, have a cold drink, play a game, or do all of the above at the same time. We are an international bunch of dreamers and doers and want to meet you!

URL: http://www.neversleepagain.org Hometown: Berlin

New York Dangerous

New York Dangerous is a merry band of adventurers from New York City and around the world. We see ourselves as an extended family that loves to have fun together.

On playa, we gift whimsical “what your mom warned you about” events to fellow Burners including: Strangers with Candy, Running with Scissors Relay Race, Put-Your-Eye-Out Shooting Gallery, Playing with Fire, and more.

Off-playa and year-round in NYC, we host and participate in shenanigans involving adventure, art, music, exploration, Altruism, and Radical Self-Expression. We love to have fun and strive to recreate the wide-eyed wonder and whimsy of the playa in everything we do – plus we founded the House of Good Deeds, one of the largest Burners Without Borders and fully volunteer-run organizations in all of New York City!

URL: http://www.NYD.nyc Hometown: New York City

Next Year on Luna

Next Year on Luna is a village uniting camps Dead Hand Path and Steradian. Together, the two camps explore the remarkable experience of humanity in the present from complementary perspectives: Steradian oriented towards creating beautiful experiences centered on embodied and visual expression, and Dead Hand Path oriented towards provoking expansive thoughts with a salon-style exchange of ideas as we marvel together at the breadth of existence through space and time. Together, we wonder: As the systems around us shape our experiences and our lives, what does it mean to maintain our essential humanity and ultimately to remain ourselves?

Nice Nice

Nice Nice comprises an international group of artists, musicians, yogis, dancers, scientists, and creators. We’re the camp with the great Hanging Gongs and RimBamBoo Pipes. At Nice Nice we take an old-school approach to Burning Man — interacting and connecting one-on-one, person-to-person. You’re invited to come by anytime to Bang the Gongs or Jam on the RimBamBoo Pipes. Or join us around our camp fire at night and warm up with a cup of coffee.

URL: http://www.campnicenice.com/ Hometown: Sonoma

Nightchaser's Dusty Disco

Nightchaser’s Dusty Disco:
Queer Lil Sunset Dance Parties and Late Night Dance Extravaganzas with Killer Djs, Super Fun Bar and Fire Performances and extra special Yoga Moments

Hometown: Saint Louis

Nipple Crime

Nipple crime is a Reno based theme camp dedicated to memorable experiences. Come have a drink at our extensive home-brewed bar while you decorate your Nipples. Friday’s Sensual Hotdog eating contest is our biggest event and won’t disappoint. We are mostly a day camp but often have small parties well into the morning.

Hometown: Reno

Nipple Pie

Nipple Pie welcomes you to join us for our early night parties, whether it is to stomp our dancefloor or to simply sip on a refreshing cocktail in our cozy lounge.

At the start of the new night, when our projectors launch their state of the art 3D projections onto our 50ft mural, and when the beats roar up to the busy avenue, that’s when Nipple Pie shines the best

URL: https://www.facebook.com/nipnippyfamily Hometown: Brooklyn

No Bikini Atoll

No Bikini Atoll is a group of Burners from the Big Island of Hawai’i. Our camp’s coastlines are rooted in the Hawaiian values of aloha (“love; compassion; kindness; acceptance), mālama (“to care for”), pono (“right; righteousness”), and ʻohana (“family”). We engage in “talking story” with neighbors, inviting friends in, and creating our own playa paradise to set a stage of kindness and inclusion so that we may all act upon what is “pono” or right.

Hometown: Hawai'i Island

No Drama Camp

Our theme camp’s purpose is to serve the citizens of Black Rock City with libations, frolic, and friendship in the No Drama Bar. No one likes Drama, and our Bar is the place for No Drama. Under our large shade structure, we host a variety of events and celebrations. Stop by for a drink and stay for the fun and friendship. Our campers come from near and far away places. We are part of Silicon Village which is made of 8 theme camps. Our Village provides power to all our camps. Our campers enjoy a Camp Kitchen, Camp Showers, Porto’s and many other shared infrastructure items.

Hometown: Central Coast

No Holes Barred Comedy Club

Get your ass over to No Holes Barred Comedy Club! THE place to showcase all of Black Rock City’s comedic talents. Take a break from the sun in our shaded seating are during the day. Stop by nightly for our Happy Hour, enjoy our Comedy Spectacular, then test your comedy chops on stage at Open Mic! All Holes Welcome!

Hometown: San Diego

No ReGretzkys

Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

We want to make sure you take all the shots.
At No ReGretzkys we want to make sure you take all the HOCKEY shots. We’re a camp that wants to show you how to handle your stick and play with our balls. Our goal is to get you in our hole, the five-hole!

We serve hockey shenanigans, Tim Whoretons coffee, donut hoes, curling and face, face, face during our drag ball!
We’re a slice of Canadiana. Just like Americana but nicer, more apologetic, and with better healthcare.
Don’t have any ReGretzkys, come and join the Canadian shenanigans!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/no_regretzkys_camp/ Hometown: San Francisco

Nobo House

Let’s go to Nobo House. Your destination to find refuge when your burn is a bit too well done. Our wellness-focused camp, offers rejuvenating experiences like steam baths, misting booths, and cool rooms. Quench your thirst at our Smoothie Lounge and Tea Room while engaging in heartfelt conversations. Relax at our Siesta Lounge Space or treat yourself to our Hydrating Beauty Bar’s hair and skincare services. Don’t miss the Jazz Zone, featuring talented musicians for a soul-stirring treat. Join us for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Black Rock City!

URL: https://noboundaries.camp Hometown: New York


Nocino’s is the Tokyo Sector’s Local Pizza Tavern in the 9 O’Clock neighborhood. That cozy social place where people come to hang after a long day of [redacted] and [censored] to connect with beer, pizza, and good music.

URL: https://www.nocinospizza.com/ Hometown: San Jose


Node is a space to relax and refuel your physical body, so that we can focus our energies on higher pursuits. Start your mornings with some deliciously strong cold brew at 830am and stick around for some luscious beats and great vibes. Come by node at anytime and you never know what type of amazing recharge you will find.

URL: https://www.node.family/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Nom De Plume

We are a tea lounge that has yerba mate brewing in our tent the entire event. Come by to lurk, chill, thrive and relate. Relax while thriving, and drink tea. The way life should be. We have a variety of other teas available throughout the week but always have yerba brewing. Sit down and hydrate while you start or finish your day. Yerba Mate Dub starts every day at 10:30am. Classic dub sounds from around the world as time turns elastic.

Hometown: Spectacularopolis


NoMad Art is a family friendly camp that is offering fun creative Art activities using recycled and reusable materials. Being creative is one of the best ways to open the mind and the spirit to see the beauty in things that may not be noticed otherwise.

Hometown: Albany


Nonsense is where your imagination manifests a reality. Come experience what has been in your mind all along. We’ll portal you to, through, in, and out what has been right in front of you. Unbuckle your mind for safety.

Hometown: San Francisco

Nope On A Rope

Hometown: Los Angeles, Chicago

Nordic Paradise

Welcome to a Nordic Paradise – we have a large shaded public area, mist fans and art installations to create a chilled and tranquil atmosphere. In addition, we will have a chill-out area for workshops and other playful activities like a Nordic folklore party and a queer Viking party.
Find us via a big elk lit up at night, an inviting and spectacular show of AI-created Nordic art. A proud, decorated and lit midsummer pole will mark the entrance to the camp. And an art installation that projects the Nordic light in the sky above the public area!
A magnificent mobile cafe unit will be placed near the shade structure where we will serve cold brewed coffee and yummy snacks. On the top of the mobile cafe unit, we will make a sunroof with seatings and a nice view of the neighbourhood.

URL: https://nordicparadise.org/ Hometown: Gothenburg

Northwest Mist

Northwest Mist is a world famous misting tent that is like walking into a rain forest on playa. We consist of friendly people from around the world with like attitudes of sharing experiences at Burning Man. Your always welcome and will find great conversations here.

URL: http://www.northwestmist.com Hometown: Pacific Northwest

Nose Fish

Come get coffee from the Nose Fish itself M-F mornings and stay for the music! For Change-Your-Underwear Thursday we’ll host the Playa Panty Project (PPP)!

M-F afternoons you can participate in bike repair clinics, personal lighting repair tutoring, and fix your ripped costumes at our sewing service!

URL: http://nosefish.org Hometown: Mountain View

Not a Benevolent Elephant

Benevolent Elephant formed to create meaningful connections and nourish communities thru the fusion of Music, Performance, and Culinary Arts. From from chill DJ sets accompanied by delicate foods and infused refreshments to full blown experimental burlesque dinner theatre.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BenevolentElephantBurningManCommunity/about Hometown: New York

Not Ninja Camp

Welcome to the Ninja Camp – sit and stay a while. We aim to provide a welcoming and nourishing experience. We host a happy hour most days and throw a big noodle party early in the week. Look for the neon ninja sign to come take part.

Hometown: Bay Area

Nothing Butt Art

We supply the canvas and paint, you supply the cheeks or any other body part, together, we will create nothing butt art! Complimentary T-shirts provided to participants. No Body Shaming here; Bring what you got it and we’ll turn it into Art! Woohoo! We also feature body stamp temporary tattoos . Stop by, make some art and get a tramp stamp.

Sunset Journey Home Table. Share your journey “Home” while enjoying an ice cold IPA. Our bar table has become a focal point for all to express themselves with marking pens, paint, pictures for gifting their stories for all who visit the camp.

Hometown: Reno

Nowhere Portal

An intimate and immersive purgatory experience into the before and afterlife. Come join us when the sun is down and the portal is open to all wishing to journey through. Be born into purgatory and our loosely trained Afterlife Consultants will serve you hot sake and miso while contemplating life’s innermost questions.

Find us on special nights for our Purgatory Party because purgatory can also be a sought out destination too.

URL: https://nowhereportal.com Hometown: Oakland

Nuclear Dandelion

Unlock Your Inner Radiance at Nuclear Dandelion! Come visit our “One Dandy of a Spa” daily for hydrating facial masks.

URL: https://www.nucleardandelion.com/ Hometown: Atlanta


NumbSkull (mutant vehicle) support camp

Hometown: San Rafael

NYC Community Container

We Guarantee Nothing! But you’ll probably pick up your gear from us if you’re from NYC/NJ

URL: https://nyccontainer.org/ Hometown: New York City

NYC Deli

Come eat at NYC Deli located at the corner of 8th and D. We’re exactly what we sound like. We’re 70 New Yorkers coming to serve authentic, hot NYC Deli food 9AM-11AM Monday-Saturday during the Burn. ????

Come wake up to egg and cheese sandwiches with or without real or fake meat, bagels with cream cheese, coffee and tea. We also will have Vegetarian/Vegan/GF options. All served in a sassy Seinfeld-style service.

While you are getting food with us you will truly feel like you are in New York City. Because no matter where New Yorkers go we cluster and try to reproduce Brooklyn.

See you on-playa!

URL: https://www.campnycdeli.org Hometown: New York City


This is the homebase camp for the Nyurmok Playa Art Installation, and for any other crazy wandering artists just passing through

Hometown: Girard