2012 Theme Camps

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2023 Archive


Please update the website:
The Volunteer Resource Team run V-Spot station at Center Camp next to Playa Info. They keep track of all the volunteer opportunities that need to be filled throughout the event. You can stop by any of the V-Spots to find something to do.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/VolunteerResourceTeam Hometown: "Volunteer Here"

Vagabonds & Tagalongs

A home for Vagabonds, their friends, and those who aspire to similar depths!

Themes are cool, but have you ever tried supporting ALL of your friends’ crazy ideas? We like to do shit that makes us (and others) smile.

Hometown: San Francisco

Valhalla on the Playa

Friendliest Viking Bar you’ll ever find! We offer a shady lounge, full bar, with silly and not-so-silly interactivity while you sip on a delicious cold drink. Come by for one of our specialty drink happy hours, featuring drinks such as fresh watermelon daiquiris, solar Margaritas, and Mead!
Our music always meets the vibe and raises it up a notch! Come celebrate Black Rock City with us!

Hometown: The Sierra Nevada

Vamp Camp

Burning since 1994. One of the oldest camps on Playa founded by Troy and Paris Shipley.

We pride ourselves in our nevadan hospitallity.

Visit us for bat advice, Vamp Juice and reverse astral projections seminars!

Familiars are welcome!

Hometown: gardnerville

Vampire Empire

The Old World Vampires from Transylvania have colonized BRC and built an Empire with their hypnotic talents and hard work of their familiars. At the imperial palace you will be welcomed into sparkling coffins, served with bloody cocktails and late night bat pizzas, enjoy our fancy victorian lounge areas, vintage gothic organs, imperial torture toys, the temple of timeless romance, and most importantly you will enter into a 24/7 Rominimal trance in the Church of Funkion One. It is not excluded that you will partake in public spankings, theatre, fire dancing, hilarious conversations and immortality. Perhaps even participate in one of our Miss Stake contests.

Hometown: San Francisco

Vanishing Points

Vanishing Point Art Support Camp provides a welcoming and engaging environment for our diverse team of artists and builders, who are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Vanishing Points installation. This immersive and interactive art piece encourages exploration, connection, and reflection, fostering an inclusive space that embraces the diversity of the Black Rock City community. Our camp members are committed to advancing Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (R.I.D.E.) values through our art and actions. If you know us or want to meet us, feel free to stop by our camp and say hello!

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Vault 21+

24/7 booze, music, and stories from all our vault dwellers resurfacing to explore this world!

Hometown: Oakland

Venice Red Light

Venice Red Light: Inspired by the free-spirited heritage of our adopted home of Venice Beach, CA. We are a conglomerate of artists getting weird and supporting each other as we put our dreams into action.

Hometown: Venice

Vertical Camp

Vertical Camp | A vertical celebration of intentional community and how a disparate collection of people from around the world, each bringing their skills and experience to create an exponentially more rewarding experience for each other, and a welcome home to those who happen upon us. We provide new perspective on our collective experience within Black Rock City and tools to bring that experience back into the default world.

Hometown: San Francisco

Veterans for Peace

Hometown: Clearlake

Vibe Check

Vibe Check is an oasis on the playa that provides a place for you to come and enjoy whether you are looking for a cool spot during the day for a cold drink, or a place to relax and chill with new friends day or night. Our events range from morning yoga to midnight miso, and our beautifiers always have what you need to make your body shine. Great music, special cocktails and a group of misfits await you.

Hometown: San Diego


Come Vibe with us after experience meditation, yoga, and sound baths in the early afternoon. We hand out ice cream later in the day, and have curated dance parties in our Vibe Temple as the sun sets!

Hometown: Miami


Black Rock City’s Playa Theater since 1998! Nightly video screenings on our 20′ screen. Have your morning coffee in our Screaming Sloth Cafe. Body painting every afternoon in our shade structure. Play with our animal themed games. Drink at one of our daily themed Happy Hours. You Pick it Double Feature chosen by the citizens of BRC (Come by and cast your vote.) Compete in one of our live Game Shows or walk our red carpet and talk to fellow filmmakers and content creators. Live Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday night! Home of The Black Rock City Film Festival. Contact us if you have an original video you’d like to show, or are looking for a performance space. Located in Snowflake Village.

URL: http://www.videogasm.com Hometown: Detroit

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience (VICE) is an all inclusive Burning Man Theme Camp offering a cool icy beverage during the heat of the day as well as several other activities for our fellow participants. We encourage diversity, participation, and acceptance and welcome new members from all locales and walks of life.

Hometown: San Francisco

Viking Bar!

Serving ice cold quality craft beer and non-alcoholic options from our Viking themed bar since 2017. Come grab a pint or three and make yourself at home while you escape the sun, play our array of games with your new friends and vibe to some good tunes.

Hometown: Vancouver

Vines Without Borders

A chill international wine bar and lounge open 3PM- Midnight daily, gifting great chilled wines from around the world, served by people from around the world. Great music, fun people, curated tastings and something new every day.

URL: http://www.vineswithoutborders.com Hometown: Dallas

Vitruvian Lounge

Vitruvian Lounge serves up good vibrations and good gyrations with our Human Sized Gyroscope. Come spin on our gyroscope, spin music during our open tables, and enjoy craft cocktails and cool shade in our lounge.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Volunteer Village

Volunteer Village – Working the V-Spot.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/VolunteerResourceTeam Hometown: "San Francisco - Bay Area" "Switzerland' "Germany" "France"

Vomiting Sparrows

We are the Vomiting Sparrows! We serve the best Bloody Mary on the playa. We entertain, we make friends, we make fun, we welcome all. Just watch out for Ricky. Chirp Chirp Blarf!

Hometown: Portland

VooDoo Soup

hot soup live music

Hometown: Haiku Maui

Vuja De

Join us in making new memories that feel like familiar experiences.
Basically the opposite of Deja Vu.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Vulcan Empire

Our mission creates opportunity for individuals to become inspired by fire, feel the flow, and take action to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Inspiring both newcomers and world-class professionals alike to continue their personal flow journey, Vulcan Empire is a vessel for spreading the Fire and Flow arts.

URL: https://vulcanempire.org Hometown: Oakland & New York

VW Bus Camp

“Come to kindly terms with your ass, for it bears you” opens John Muir’s How to Keep Your VW Alive DIY repair guide, for the Compleat Idiot. For Animalia we invite all Playa Idiots and would be idiots to visit Bus Camp for our Leopard Lounge and Day Spa where we offer tequila shots, foot massage and clean white cotton socks, Grateful Dyed tie dye party, crafts, camp tours of our asses, I mean buses, and how we feed and take care of these old beasts. We’ve been doing this on Playa since 1998. To quote John Muir again “The type of life your bus contains differs from yours by time scale, logic level and conceptual anomalies but is “Life” nonetheless. It’s Karma depends on your desire to make and keep it Alive!” Camp’s “Life” is Equality and Community, come visit and see for yourselves.

URL: http://vwbuscamp.com Hometown: Tucson