Image Credits

Theme Animation

Directed by Hugh D’Andrade, animation by Jonny Thomas. Organ loop by MisterTood. This video includes a number of images, each of which is either in the public domain or available under a Creative Commons license. Information included below, with many thanks to the creators.

Marilyn Monroe, postage stamp, art by Michael Deas

Guy Fawkes mask, photo by Enrique Dans

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Ouchy the Clown, photo by Scott Beale

African mask, photo by Cesary p

Queen Elizabeth, postage stamp

Totem pole, Saxman Totem Park, photo by Jerzy Strzelecki

Saint Adamantini of the Eastern Orthodox Church, photo by Vasilou

Balinese mask, photo by Hugh D’Andrade

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West, publicity still

Burning Man by Duncan Rawlinson


Sofina and Spud

Photo by Franco Folini

Original art by Nina Kempf for Defenestration



Man base design by Larry Harvey and Andrew Johnstone

Illustration by Andrew Johnstone with Hugh D’Andrade