2016 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

2016 Art Search for "Inside the Mind of DaVinci"

Inside the Mind of DaVinci

by: Phoenix Rising and Wrecking House
from: Reno, NV
year: 2016

A larger than life sculpted head is partly submerged in the earth from our Renaissance past. In a dust storm you stumble upon it and are awed by its presence as the sands blow off of it. Walking around the large sculpture you can enter: Inside The Mind of DaVinci.
The back of the head is cut out into two archways allowing entrance into the hollowed out interior of the piece. The interior has etched into the surface, Leonardo’s sketches and writings. Geometric shapes that illuminate colors of blue, red and yellow create a unique and pleasant atmosphere with beautiful colored shadows cast by the sun inside the head.
The inside of the head is a resting area where there are cement balls to sit on that can be pushed and rolled leaving written words in the sand. It is a community spot for gathering and sharing artistic and inventive ideas. The piece consists of concrete, bronze, recycled glass and metal.