2017 Art Installations

2017 Art Search for "aluna"


by: Juan David Marulanda-López and Team Aluna
from: Bogotá, Colombia
year: 2017

Aluna is a structure that sits on its own reflection and stands as a unified entity on the playa. Upon entering, two pairs of seesaw swings hang from the ceiling, inviting you to find counterweight in a partner, who will collaborate and engage with you in a game of balance and trust. Pre-hispanic melodies converge with experimental sounds and techniques to accompany the breath and silence of the Black Rock Desert. You will be sonically immersed in an ever-oscillating universe reaching for balance. As dusk approaches, Aluna will be illuminated by hundreds of LED lights that line its frame and body, reflecting and challenging the sounds of Aluna, creating a complete interactive experience for Participants.