2018 Art Installations

2018 Art Search for "Squirt"

Free Squirt

by: Abraham Raphael
from: Agoura Hills, CA
year: 2018

The “Free Squirt” campaign has launched for 2018 and is expected to bring out a host of emotions from Burners the world over. Marine researchers and Translumina Octopoda specialists will gather for a first hand look at “Squirt” a recently captured specimen. Living underground it can take thirty years to reach maturation. Adults can weigh as much as eight hundred pounds. The most significant and endearing aspect of these giant playa octopuses is their ability to communicate and emote with playa visitors. Transluminant skin, suckers and nervous system radiate patterns of lights for a dazzling display. For now, the gentle beast is housed in a giant plexiglass jar located in the Black Rock desert. But Squirt has ideas of his own!