2018 Art Installations

2018 Art Search for "desert guard"

Desert Guard

by: Lu Ming
from: Beijing, China
year: 2018

Fenghaizhen’s design is inspired by the armor of Genghis Khan whose Mongolian empire ruled China during a part of the 14th century. The Mongolian army resisted their enemies’ aggression thanks to Genghis Khan’s military tactics, a strong system of weapons and their special armor. It had a very primitive but effective shock absorbing and impact diverting system. This art piece enlarges the armor to a height of 15 metres weighing 10 tons and embedded the soul of a Mongolian warrior. It wants to remind everyone, that we must never use artificial intelligence for war. Otherwise, humanity creates weapons that kill us. We hope that this warrior makes us realise that we shouldn’t only worship technology, but also put restrictions in place.